View Full Version : New dedicated group, looking for 4 other adventurers

08-23-2007, 08:15 PM
The thrill of discovery, the satisfaction of a challenge met, and the warmth of comraderie! Announcing the formation of a new dedicated group based around group-oriented tactical play, looking for 4 other adventurers.

A little about us:

We are two good friends (cousins) who have played DDO together for a few months now. We have had a nearly lifelong affinity for the Dungeons & Dragons franchise, and both have background with the wonderful pen and paper system. In DDO, we are currently playing our second characters that are level 3 & 4. Our original characters sit at levels 6 & 7. Our second characters were rolled to try out the dynamics of a new server. (Read as looking for better tactical group-play/less running-and-gunning power-gaming) Having only been to level 7, we have not experienced many of the mid-level and upper-level quests. Indeed, one of the main factors driving the formation of this dedicated group is the desire to sustain a continued experience of exploring quests for the first time. Which brings me to my next point…

What we value, and what we are looking to foster with this group:

1. Exploration and Discovery: We find that nothing beats the experience of first finding what lays around that next corner. Rounding that bend and successfully overcoming whatever may be there requires a well-rounded team that is willing to work together.

2. A well-balanced challenge: Quests should be difficult to complete, and should require at least moderate thought and teamwork. Pushing the envelope of difficulty leads to a greater sense of satisfaction. We don't do loot runs and we don't do XP runs. When "the goal is the journey", where are you running to so fast?

3. Shared experience: Isn’t DDO best when you become familiar with other players, when a strong bond is developed over shared risk and experience? A dedicated group provides this to the greatest extent. We look forward to a prolonged series of adventures with a core group of fellow adventurers. We would like the experience to be shared. In other words, member characters should only be used during play with the group.

4. "Honesty" and "Hardwork": No twinking and no use of auctions. What we play with is what we earn together as a group. A balanced challenge is most rewarding, and it's quite possible to skew that balance with twinking and auctions. Nothing will be available to the party except what we can find during our adventures and what we can purchase through regular vendors.

When and Where? :

We are young professionals in our 30's, and would like the group to commit to a specific night of the week that stays the same from week to week. Sessions would ideally last 3 hours. Tentatively, we are offering up Monday nights, 7:00-10:00 Pacific Standard Time, but are open to discussing other nights with prospective members. We will need to find a time that will generally work well for everyone.

What Character Levels/Types are Welcome? :

All really. Our first choice would be to keep our current characters (a level 3 Wizard and a level 4 Fighter) and build the team around them. However, we are willing to start with brand new characters if that's what the group would like to do. With a desire to play as we've described a well-rounded group becomes important. We aim to find similarly leveled characters (whether that's at level 3 or level 1) that compliment the other character types in the group.

Which Server? :

Again, we are ultimately flexible. Our current characters are on Ghallanda, but if the group decides to play on a new server, with newly re-rolled characters, we’re willing to do that too.

If you're into the thrill of exploring quests for the first time, if you find challenging quests to be the most rewarding, and adventuring with a persistent group of party members is what you're after, drop us a line! Let's unite in our quest!


Bricklebrit: Cil, Level 3 Elf Wizard
Jettmorrison: Ramaul, Level 4 Dwarf Fighter