View Full Version : New Trade/Sale list.

08-23-2007, 05:56 PM
Well, after seeing everything I wanted to buy off of Oogly's post, I decided that I'd need to sell some stuff off to be able to afford it, so here it is, please feel free to make an offer if my prices seem to steep. All prices in PP.

Clever Goggles +6 (40k)
Clever Goggles +5 (15k)
Clever Goggles of Command +5, 3 Charges/rest (15k)
Clever Helm of Listening +5int, +3 Listen (12k)
Clever Goggles +4 (5k)
Charismatic Cloak +5 (15k)
Wise Ring of bluffing +4wis, +5bluff (5k)
Ogre Power Gloves of Disabling +5 str +3 DD (20k)
Ogre Power Bracers of repairing +5str +3repair (20k)
Ogre Power Bracers +5 (20k)
Ogre Power +5 Belt of Light Fort (30K)
Ogre Power Belt of lesser false life +5 (20k)
Ogre Power Belt of SR 13 +4str (5k)
Dexterous Ring of Elvenkind +5 dex +5 move silent RR Human(20k)
Health Belt +1 of heavy fortifacation (10K)
Health Belt +3 of moderate fortification (7k)
Cloak of protection +4 (15K)
Cloak of Greater Cold Resist (30K)

Jorgundal's Collar (200K)
Globe of imperial Blood (100k)
Bronze Ingot Arcanum (100K)

+1 paralyzing HRXBOW of Power1 (1500K)
+1 Banishing Greatclub of Righteousness (40K)
+1 Banishing HXBOW of backstabbing +1 (25K)

+2 Lightening guard FP of spearblock (great for fighting razor cats) (60k)
+5 steel tower shield of light fort RR WF (20K)