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08-23-2007, 10:38 AM
Edit - Abandoned. Had a playround and it was just too fidly. Working on a 7 cleric 6 wiz 1 ftr form that will be more effective i beleive. Bah. Il leave up so others can see a train of thought if they were looking to try the same. To others trying to make a 50+AC arcane tank best of luck to you i am struggling

Hey guys.

Lookin for some fine tuning of a new character im planning on running up.

Basically my friends and I are getting bored so we decided to roll new toons together. I have always wanted an Archetypical ‘Tank’ I had a lvl 14 one but compared to the power of my Barbarian and Sorc, and the intricate playstyle of a Battlemage and Battlecleric he was a little underwhelming. I guess not underwhelming he did his job well it was just boring as hell lol.

I get bored FAR to easily with a plain fighter type. Run and Hit. Run and Hit. Boring.

After the success of the arcane psychoe build I created I wanted to try a different take on an arcane frontliner. This guy is my Arcane Knight. The opposite of the Psychoe. DPS is nowhere near as potent but his defensive capabilities and overall versatility is significantly sexier. 53 AC + SS and Displacement + Saves in the 20s + ressing 50% of the time should be quite fun. He is an intimitank with benefits.


1.Has to be a Warforged. I two and three man a lot of things and nearly every high level quest needs an arcane. Not necessarily a cleric. Its nice when the arcane can heal me when im scrambling. Im also sick of all the dwarves running around.

2.Best Defense in the Game via HP, AC and Displacement and intimidate to take advantage of it. Hes a Thug meant to take a beating while beating him down.

3.Completely Self Sufficient via reconstruct scrolls. Wand whipping is not enough to be self sufficient in the middle of battle anymore. Sure afterwards fine but when **** hits the fan I want to pop off a scroll that hits for 110hp (148 with enhancements) not a wand charge that heals for a fraction of that.

4.Able to help the other party members through buffs, rezzing and wand whippage postbattle.

5.Respectable offence.

6.Challenge me with a different micromanagement style.

7.I would like to do backflips. I don’t know why I just have never had a toon that can.

8.I want a freakin Pet. A defender of some type is required.

9.Look like a badass when running around Stormreach. Addy Body WF look Badass. Very important.

Disclaimer: This build is for me. I put it here because I thought others might want to see an endgame build im working on. I plan for end game. I use top end equipment. If this annoys you stop reading now. I will only use one +2 tome. I will include one piece of raid loot from each raid in parentheses indicating actual equipment I will end up with – this reflects the change in raid mechanics. I raid a lot. If you don’t like it tough – my other toons pretty much have all the raid loot they need. I WILL be grinding and a 2-3 month grinding investment tops is not that much.

Again this is not to be played by a meathead. Finesse and micromanagement needs to be used ….BUT it should be worth it in the long run. This Build is made for fun. It should be quite effective too tho.

A note on playstyle: Severe Severe Micromanagement. You will be wanting to run with CE on all of the time. However you will be hasting and displacing every minute and a half, and depending on how you’re doing at actually hitting the enemy you will likely have to chuck the odd Divine Power Clickie on too. Throw into the mix 10% arcane spell failure WITHOUT ur Tower Shield(ie ul need to unequip it every 1 minute 30 then re-equip) the logistics will become interesting lol. I have a lot of experience micromanaging this sort of thing but if you havn’t this build might not be for you :D

Without Further Ado.

Warforged Arcane Thug.

Male Warforged 8 Sorc/3 Pali/3 Ftr.

Str 16 +1(FStr) + 3 (Lvl) + 2 (favour tome) + 6 (item) = 28
Dex 13 + 1 (tome) = 14
Con 15 +1 (tome) +2 (enh.) +6 (Item) =24
Int 13 +1 (tome) = 14
Wis 7 + 1 (tome) + 6 (item) = 14
Cha 12 + 2 (Enh) +6 (Item) = 20


Adamantium Body
Combat Expertise
Improved Crit


WF Con II– 6
Sor Cha II – 6
Ftr Str I – 2
Incribed Armour III – 6
Pali Bulwark I – 2
FAM I – 2
Ftr Intimidate I -1
AC Boost I – 1
Ftr Agility I – 1
Ftr Crit I – 1
Ftr Haste I - 1
Pali ROG I – 2
Pali extra LOH I – 2
Wand mastery III – 6
Extra SP2 – 3
Healers Friend I - 2
WF Mech II - 3
Addy Defender – 8
Attack Boost I – 1

= 56


Intimidate (17+5+4+2 +7 (item) = 35)
UMD (8.5 + 5 + 4 +3 +3 +2 = 26.5 50% ressing)
Tumble (8.5 + 2 +4 +2+10 + 13/5 -13 Addy and Tower = 26.5 (will take off tower shield when wanting to show off my back-flips)
Balance remainder

Saves (Pal+Ftr+Sorc+Stat+Res+GH+Luck+Aura)

F – 3 +3+2+7+2+4+2+7 = 30
R – 1+1+2+2+2+4+2+7 = 21
W – 1+1+6+2+2+4+2+7 = 25


10 Base
8 Addy Body
2 Dex
9 Tower Shield.
5 Docent
5 Protection
5 Combat Expertise
1 Dodge
3 Barkskin Pot
2 Chaosguard
1 Haste (self cast so I include it)
2 Pali Aura

=53AC Sustainable – 55 boosted (56/58 with titan ring)


30 Base+Draconic
98 Con
92 Classes
30 GFL

=250hp. My benchmark is 300 for a tank so I’m a little Dissapointed with this number but I think this guys defensive capabilities and self healing make this number adequate however.

Projected Items

Head - +3wis +7 intimidate (Dragon Helm)
Neck – Prot +5
Trinket – Head of Good Fortune (Reaver)
Cloak - Cha
Belt - Con
Bracers - CG
Boots - Tumble
Gloves – Strength
R1 - GFL
R2 – Dex/Invaders (Titan)
Goggles –Divine Power (DQ)
Docent -+5 Arcane Sigil Docent.


Lvl 1 – Nightshield, Jump, Tumble, Expedious retreat.
Lvl2 – False Life, Blur, Resist
Lvl3 – Haste, Displacement
Lvl 4 – StoneSkin

Lvl 15-16 Predictions.

Juries still out. Im thinking 1 more lvl of fighter and one more sorc. Feats will likely involve toughness or weapon spec. Should be interesting either way.

08-23-2007, 11:01 AM
Melee Caster mutt ehh?

+10 BAB
+9 Str
+5 Weapon
-2 Tower Shield
-5 Combat Expertise
+19 to hit without boost/buffs

You'll probably only hit on the final 2 swings. Also, keep in mind, casting a spell drops CE.

What is your ASF gonna be? 50%?

08-23-2007, 11:08 AM
I think dodge just for the sake of 1 more point of AC is kind of a waste. You'd probably get more use out of power attack while using a 2 hander for those big fights at the end of the quest where they're probably going to hit you anyway. One divine power clicky is all you need to erase the Sorcerer BaB problems while you're using it.

I might even consider taking Improved trip since you've already got combat expertise and WF get the awesome trip enhancements. A tripped caster is a dead caster, and that's going to save you alot more damage than a point of AC.

08-23-2007, 11:09 AM
He already covered that Rogue.

Looks good bro.

I will say, why one lvl of sorc when the cap is raised? You won't get access to 5 lvl spells as a 9th lvl sorc, so you'd end up waiting on the next cap unless you take 2 lvls for 15th and 16th. Personally, I'd go with 2 more fighter lvls, but you've got a lot more of a grasp on what you want to get outta this toon than I do.

08-23-2007, 11:10 AM
ASF kinda kills this build. Maybe go mithral body for a loss of 3 AC.

08-23-2007, 11:14 AM
also the reconstruct scrolls have a consentration check so be carful in combat

08-23-2007, 11:43 AM
He already covered that Rogue.

Looks good bro.

I will say, why one lvl of sorc when the cap is raised? You won't get access to 5 lvl spells as a 9th lvl sorc, so you'd end up waiting on the next cap unless you take 2 lvls for 15th and 16th. Personally, I'd go with 2 more fighter lvls, but you've got a lot more of a grasp on what you want to get outta this toon than I do.

I know, it was me being fecisious. :p (spelling?)

The problem I have with this build, is that the micro-management it requires is too much. I understand the idea of running around with CE and using clickies, however, Divine Power clickies only last so long (what, 60 seconds max??)

That in itself is enought to question being a "melee" oriented caster. If you want to do something like that, go Wizard/Fighter, and use Tenser's Tranformation. Sure, you won't be able to cast spells, but if your sole purpose is to melee, then it is a moot point.

And I agree with Jaky, dodge for the sake of +1 dodge to AC is a waste of a feat.

08-23-2007, 11:51 AM
Nick you're such a n00b. We should ban you from the guild for rolling multiple warforged.

08-23-2007, 12:22 PM
I'm leveling up an Arcane Psychoe right now and its been a blast.

IMO Stunning blow > Dodge. In many situations, with a weighted wpn and a few enhancements it feels like you're casting a hold spell every 30 second or so. Add improved trip that many times can last a minute in duration (or at least seems to) with it's +4 DC, and your offensive power is greatly enhanced.

Sorry for typos, this is done on a BlackBerry.

08-23-2007, 02:04 PM
I'm leveling up an Arcane Psychoe right now and its been a blast.

IMO Stunning blow > Dodge. In many situations, with a weighted wpn and a few enhancements it feels like you're casting a hold spell every 30 second or so. Add improved trip that many times can last a minute in duration (or at least seems to) with it's +4 DC, and your offensive power is greatly enhanced.

Yeah I would seriously consider trying to make a tactician fighter out of this, improved trip and stunning blow with all the dwarven enhancements are like insta-kill spells, so I'm assuming the WF enhancements are exactly the same.

08-23-2007, 04:16 PM
That 20% arcane failure is going to bug you to no end. Even 10% (using an arcane sigil docent, good luck finding a +5) will be a huge pain. And yes, scrolls suffer armor spell failure.

As others have said, just get mith body (though they do tend to look dorky), and with one of your +6 dex items (tumble boots? you have to be kidding right? lol) you can boost that to 20 dex, which is perfect to get all 15 armour bonuses from mith body. You will actually be 1 AC higher than adamantine body, unless you can get the first level of fighter armor mastery (in which case AC is the same). This will also drop your ASF to 0 using only the WF enhancements. Save your docent for a +5 of mod fort or something :D

Personally I would drop charisma to 8 and just rely on a +6 item. Sure you lose like 50sp, but you can boost your dex and gain 1 AC due to your fighter armor mastery, or con for more HP. My sorc started with 8 cha, and though it was tough for the first few levels using eagle potions, after character lvl 7 you've got plenty of charisma for your spells.

08-23-2007, 05:09 PM
Awesome thanks for the input guys appreciate it - This is the one build that im habing real difficulty making viable. Hell im not even sure if it will get off the ground just playing around with it atm - the high AC + Displ and SS appeals to me. Its more just a mess around toon but id get annoyed even playing him if he wasnt at least somwhat decent. Maybe I should toy around with a cleric....hmmmmmmmm

Couple of things

1. THE ASF will def be the biggest thing - I Know mith is the smarter idea but god it looks dorky! Theres somrthing savage looking about the Addy WF that I think is hella cool. I guess i could swap out the arcane sigil for the +5 of w/e before and after i cast it...but damn il already need to switch out shield...il spend more time fiddling at this rate. BAH. Mithril might have to be the way. WHich will likely mean this guy is killed. I just love the Addy look.

2. Jackle/Rogue - Take a look in wiz forums - I have a guy that uses 2 handers +PA 1 lvl of fghtr 13 wizard. Rogue I like micromanagement builds. I have a high twitch factor in my playstyle and have has lots of experience playing them. Its not for everyone so i understand your reservations. Ya it will get tough at points. You also forget + 4 for GH +1 for haste and +4BAB from DP.

3. The tactician line was appealing at first - what is everyones thoughts? tho with 28Str +3WF enhancements +1 Ftr gives an equivalent of 36 str? my 42-46Str barb hits with stun around 50% of the time in the gianthold.(non weighted weapon - if i can stick to one/two greater bane weapons in a quest that would be ideal.

4. Bandy thx for the support bro - like i said juries out havnt figured it out yet - this is a really difficult one. So much so it might not even get off the ground.

FYI for those that dont know i Play with asp and lithic all the time so any abuse these two hurl at me is more a sign of affection LOL.Asp i friggan love WF man - they ROCK!

Bah. Il continue to toy around with options. This is just a really hard build to make viable. If anyone has any other ideas let me know.

08-23-2007, 07:44 PM
Well.... its quite the puzzle.

You made a request in my thread so I'll get to it sooner or later, but I wanted to take a look and comment...

I think Id take a pretty different approach at first look. A mix of Cleric, Rogue and Paladin I think... Rogue is realy there just to get skill points and class skills, forget evasion, although sneak attack is nice.. Cleric gets you your healing and scrolls withouth that pesky arcane failure. You just have to bite the failure rate on arcane scrolls, but UMD is better. Saves might come out lower as you need to lower CHA in favor of some wisdom.. but cleric has its nice buffs and what not.

I'd have to actualy work it up to judge, sometimes there is just a sticking point that makes the whole thing not work.

08-25-2007, 06:06 PM
I used to have this posted here but is got wiped. Pulling this from guild forums. 1-2 things might be a little off. It doesn't fit all of your criteria, but you could tweak it for that.

I have had this idea in my head for awhile but hadn't took time to make a build. Requires some high end gear and raid gear, but can use stuff a notch down and still be effective.

Goal of build is:
Good balance/intimidate/umd

So here it goes...

Warforged 2rogue/3paladin/9sorc

8str 14 +6item
14dex 22 +6item+1enhancement+1tome
18con 28 +6item+2enhancement+2tome
13int 14 +1tome
7wis 12 +4spell+1tome
14cha 28 +6item+3tome+3levels+2enhancement

Feats: Combat expertise/Shield mastery/Mithril body/Extend
Pick either maximize or imp shield mastery and take the other at 15. I will use maximize in stats.

AC=56, 58 boosted, 64 max with pal/ranger and recitation.
10base+5body+4dex(mts)+2aura+5ce+9mts+3barkskin potion+5protection item+5docent+3chattering ring+2chaosguarde+1haste+2blocking

20feat+12rouge+30paladin+36sorc+126con+30greaterfa lselife+10favor


You can ss from scroll if you want and get solid fog. Take ck at L15.


0/3/0 rogue, 3/1/1 paladin, 3/3/6 sorc, 5/5/5 resist, 2/2/2 luck trinket, 4/4/4 gheroism, 2/2/2 aura, 9/9/9 cha bonus, 9/6/1 stats, 0/1/0 spells
If you are dire for inv slots, you could drop the resist and still be great.

DR=6+9+3=18, 21 at L15.
24 transformed, 10 from stoneskin

poison, sleep effects, paralysis, disease, nausea, fatigue, exhaustion, energy drain, fear

Con II, Dex I, Cha II, Healers Friend I, Inscribed armor III, AC Boost I, Skill Boost I, BOG I, ROG I, Extra LOH, Fire/Cold III, Dragonblooded III, Imp Maximizing I, Deadly elements II, Elements II, Wand/scroll mastery III
Waiting to see how imp max line works for certain before planning for it.

Side Notes:
No need to cast wall of fire every battle, just take off the tower shield, prep the extended firewall for tough fights, equip shield and CE up. With intimidate and wall of fire going, you should keep aggro fairly well and be doing damage at the same time.

Didn't meet my DR goal, but it is still decent. Considering the saves, immunities, self buffs, and ability to use reconstruct scrolls on himself when in dire need. With the wand mastery III, scrolls should hit for around 150 hps. LOH should be 117 each.

UMD is high enough for res/heal scrolls for the fleshies.

Can help with nuking bosses.
If I really had to fight, use a transform scroll for 14bab +5weapon +4gh +2str +1haste for a +26. Hardly great, but could

I got him to L5 slowly, then put him aside while I capped my bard, rogue, and sorc. Him and my cleric are next, so maybe I can offer more input later.