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08-23-2007, 08:28 AM
Ok so what does the average, or above average, caster need in his backpack?

What should I be carrying around with me? Ive only really played melee (Paladin and Barbarian) to high level so this is the first time on a caster. He's level 3 atm, its alotta fun but tough going compared to my barb or pally.

If you could, can you make your list as exhaustive as possible. I mean, tell me what I need at level 1 throo 14, wands, weapons, scrolls, potions, robes, etc.

I have been told by a very, very, very good sorcerer that I should be on the lookout for a potency item, so I acquired one of them. And I assume that I should just keep on upping them every chance I get.

What else would you guys recommend?

Oh and thank you in advance.

08-23-2007, 08:57 AM
The lowest level fearsome robe you can find. I can probably help you out with that.

Ultimate twink items for every level are superior potency items for each spell level. A superior potency I weapon can make those first levels a breeze. Superior potency II and III can do the same for middle levels.

I like to use a ring of light and then moderate fort as I level up, and then switch to robes of heavy fort at high levels.

Lore items will drop like candy in your rewards. Don't be concerned about finding these.

The best potency item available is a superior potency VI, in my opinion. They are expensive, rare, and hard to find. I need 2 more ;)

08-23-2007, 09:06 AM
So, assuming (of course) that all the fun stuff is way out of my price range, what does superior potency do?

08-23-2007, 09:13 AM
So, assuming (of course) that all the fun stuff is way out of my price range, what does superior potency do?

+50% Damage to all your spell within the level (so Sup potency VI would increase the damage of all lv 6 or lower spells).

08-23-2007, 09:30 AM
ok here is what I carry on my sorc:

Fire and Ice caster:

Superior Fire Lore septer
Superior combustion V septer

Superior Ice Lore septer
Superior Glatiation V septer

Have a Superior Potancy V septer LVL 12 required so it will replace the combustion and glatiation septer next level since it covers both and doesn't stack.

Illusion focus septer and spell pen septer for PK on beholders

Fearsome Robe any type
Death block of spell resistance = have yet to be killed by a beholder
Robe of fire = evocation focus and superior combustion III really good for mid levels
Heavy fort robe

08-23-2007, 10:20 AM
Obviously, the best +Charisma item that you can find and equip.

Don't forget the best +Constitution and False Life item that you can get your hands on... squishies need as many hitpoints as they can muster up.

A magi item or better. I don't have a PoP X, so I just keep a magi scepter eqipped until I go through the 200 spellpoints... a big chunk of that goes towards buffs at the beginning of the quest anyway.

Spell Focus and Spell Penetration items come in handy as well. The ones that have 2 schools on them are good to have. I like to wear the goggles from the Wizzy King that have Enchantment and Necromancy on them. I have some Transmutation bracers that I wear for Flesh to Stone. Then I just dual wield one handers with Spell Penetration, Superior Potency, Fire/Ice Lore, Illusion, etc., and swap them around as needed.

A couple of nice bursting or puncturing picks for the held/stoned mobs.

A Fearsome Robe of Heavy Fort... I'm still trying to get one of these myself.:)

I know some of these may be obvious... but hey, you still need them.:D

08-23-2007, 10:44 AM
Keep an eye on the vendors in the bazaar, clueless players still sell some pretty crazy caster stuff because it doesn't hit monsters over the head.

I've noticed a huge increase in the number Improved false life rings and belts on the vendors lately, and in the last week I have found a superior combustion 4 helmet, a power 9 helmet, necro focus bracers, illusion focus bracers, and a superior potency 3 ring.

Any of the Focus, Power, Potency items you can find for wearable slots will make life much easier since you won't have to have a huge bar full of different weapon combinations.

Other things to look out for
Robe of Winter (level 4) this thing will save your squishy butt from all of those hobgoblin witchdoctors while you run tangleroot 12 times trying to get a...

Crimson Gemstone (power 5 trinket) this will probably become your trinket wearable for a long long time unless you've got a better Pearl or Power already, I still wear mine for those times I forget to wear my...

Robe of the Magi (level 8) when I shrine, A robe of the Magi is the lowest level 100 sp item i know of so keep a lookout for one, I have seen them on House K vendor multiple times.

If you've got friends who've been playing for a long time, ask around for Potency Items with no level limit on them (still plenty of them out there, and most high level casters have much better toys now so they're probably just taking up space in the bank). Old +5 cha items, from before the level cap increase. The new +5 items start at level 11, but I have an old one that is level 9 with no rr...if there are any old ones with race restriction that go as low as level 7 I sure would love to find one.

08-23-2007, 12:17 PM
there are also a ton of superior lore items floating around with no ML. i have a pair of ice and fire lore ones that i lend to anyone in the guild starting a new sorc. nothing like a 1st level sorc with a superior potency 1 dagger and superior ice lore dagger dishing out insane damage with niacs.

i started a thread below with some of these items but off the top of my head:

a wand of false life -> 13 free hit points for cheap

a wand of mage armor -> with shield makes you much less squishy for levels 1-3

a wand of aid for when your UMD gets over 12 -> another 12 free hit points

fearsome/invulnerability robes -> 1st for intelligent critters, 2nd for vermin and undead

robe of winter -> ml4 robe of fire resist 20

grievous dagger -> ml4 puncturing dagger for killing held critters quick

wand of sleep -> only works in the harbor on normal but a handy way to immobilize groups of kobolds. since it has that annoying circle its hard as **** to target. i typically start with this and use hypno if they see me

wand of melf's acid arrow -> this is your ranged weapon. step out and hit them and then hide while they cook. typically takes out those ww shamans on the pillars in 3 ticks.

haste scrolls -> you only hit these on a 10 at level 1 but it decreases by 2 with each level you go up. i use them to make tough fights quicker. also keep rage around for the same reason

wands of stoneskin -> save these for your new caster, they'll save his life

08-29-2007, 11:45 AM
Somewhat related to this thread...

I have a mid-level sorcerer and was wondering about the effects of wielding 2 weapons at the same time, without any TWF feats.

Obviously there's the huge melee penalty, but isn't a factor to me since I'll very rarely if ever use melee. :) But, are the effects of both weapons counted if you're wielding 2? For example: a scepter(club) of spell penetration II in your main hand and a potency II dagger in your offhand. Do you benefit from both effects? I've tried it in game and haven't been able to tell.

Thanks ahead of time.

08-29-2007, 12:52 PM
yes you gain both effects. watch your combat log as stuff is equipped and it will tell you what has been added to your modifiers.

also, you'll normally carry around 2 puncturing daggers/picks that you can use to dispatch held/stoned critters quickly.

08-29-2007, 12:58 PM
cool, thanks!

08-29-2007, 03:12 PM
Sup Potency VI increases dmg by 50% to level 6 AND LOWER does it not?

i don't think you need one for each lvl spell you're casting.