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08-22-2007, 11:51 PM
This build is one of my actual characters (http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?t=117232) so it isn’t intended as a perfect template for a build, just what I decided to make when I made it. Comments are encouraged although I can’t really change too much since they already exist and I’m not much for re-rolling.

Sigfried Trent a Neutral Good - Human – Fighter 7 / Cleric 7 / Ranger 6

I wanted to make a self healing fighter who could use all the main fighting styles, Ranged, TWF, THF, Sword and Shield. One who could switch between offense and defense evenly. He does incidentally look a fair bit like I do and bears my real name so he’s basically my personal avatar in game.

Starting Statistics (28pts)
STR 16 – DEX 13 – CON 12 – INT 13 – WIS 12 – CHA 8

Feats: Oversized Two Weapon Fighting, Dodge, Stunning Blow, Maximize Spell, Power Attack, Weapon Focus Slashing, Exotic Weapon Proficiency Kopesh, Toughness, Improved Critical Slashing, Dodge, Mobility, Weapon Specilization Slashing

Class Abilities: Bow Strength, Two Weapon Fighting, Rapid Shot, Tower Shield Proficiency, Favored Enemy Undead, Improved Two Weapon Fighting, Diehard, Manyshot, Favored Enemy Evil Outsiders

Skills: Concentration 19, Diplomacy 5, Heal 4, Hide 4, Intimidate 13, Jump 13, Listen 4, Move Silently 4, Search 6, Spot 8, Tumble 5, UMD 1

Spells: Summon Monster 1, Remove Fear, Cure Light Wounds, Divine Favor, Night Shield, Cure Medium, Resist Energy, Lesser Restoration, Cure Moderate, Protection from Energy, Prayer, Sonic Blast, Mass Aid, Divine Favor, Cure Serious Wounds, Freedom of Movement

Enhancements: Ranger Energy Boost 1, Follower of the Soverign Host, Unyielding Soverignty, Armor Mastery 2, Tower Shild Mastery 1, Critical Accuracy 1, Item Defense 1, Strategy Stun 3, Human Adaptability Str, Human Adaptability Con, Improved Recovery 1, Cleric Life Magic 2, Energy of the Zelot 2, Fighter Strength 2, Cleric Wisdom 1, Fighter Toughness 3, Wand and Scroll Mastery 2, Divine Vitality 1, Extra Truning 1, Divine Healing 1, Ranger Sprint Boost 1, Fighter Haste Boost 1

Sigfried is a re-roll of my first DDO character which I re-rolled due to alignment and starting class choice fairly early on. So he has a lot of experimenting wtih the game mechanics built into him and thus a little less than optimal choices in some areas. I'd describe him as a party work horse. He makes a decent DPS character going with TWF or THF although certainly not on par wtih a dedicated DPS build. He can turtle up to some extent; not enough to serve as a true tank, but enough that he can be at least a partial agro magnet or hold out blocking long enough for a party to re-assemble itself. His casting is not amazing but on very many occasionst they have pulled the party's bacon out of the fire by bringing key memebers of the party back on line or thowing emergency elemental resists and so on. He's also at least decent with a bow which comes in handy from time to time. So while he isn't especialy sexy or impressive in any one area he is like a reliable old truck that keeps on going strong no matter the weather.

Future Development
I think I'm going to go to ranger 6 up to level 20 to get tempest and ITWF (since I can't take it directly due to dex). That also shores up my ranged attacks with multishot, pumps my ac, gives me rams might (and lots of mana to run it) and perhaps I can make something of my skills with the extra points.

I recently re-specced a bit finding that I hardly ever used combat expertice (but liked trip). I traded them out for OTWF and Stunning Blow. So for tactics I'm running off hand Hammer of the Leaden clouds for a 31 Stun DC whcih works nicely.

Number Crunching
Typical Statistics (32pts)
STR 30 – DEX 20 – CON 20 – INT 14 – WIS 20 – CHA 10

Attack Profiles (Including GH and Divine Favor buffs)
(Dual Wielding: +4 Holy Kopesh or Righousness/+1 Seeker 10 Kopesh of Backstabing 1)
+34/34/39/44/44 1d8 + 18 (17-20 X3 +30Seeker ) & 2d6+2 vs Evil & 2 sneak attack
+31 1d8 + 18 (17-20 X3 +30Seeker )

(Power Attacking with Windlasher)
+32/32/37/42/42 2d4 + 35 (15-20 X2) +1d6

Armor Class: Dex 5, Deflection 4, Armor 12, Alchemical 1, Dodge 1, Shield 9, Barkskin Potion 3 = 45 (Low 50s with optimized gear)

Hit Points: 330
Spell Points: 600

Fort Save: 23
Reflex Save: 18
Will Save: 16