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08-21-2007, 03:16 PM
Stuff for sale, trade:

+6 Strength Belt
+6 Con Neck
+6 Strength Gloves
+6 Wisdom Necklace
Clever +6 Int Helm of Intimidation +3 (Human, level 13) Difficulty 20
Clever +6 Int Helm of Listen +3 (Drow, level 13) Difficulty 20

Belt of Greater False Life
Health Belt of Heavy Fort (+1 Con)
Belt of Heavy Fort

Death's Locket: Deathblock Necklace,

Disease Immunity Necklace of Protection +4
Ring of Moderate Fort
Enchantment Bracers (+1 Enchantment, +1 Abjuration)
Boots of Striding 25% (x2)
Sacred Necklace of Diplomacy +11

+5 Dex Gloves of Perform +3
+5 Dex Boots
+5 Strength Gloves of Cause Fear x3

Helm of the Black Dragon: +5 Dex, Black Dragon Bolt x3
Helm of the White Dragon: +5 Strength, Cone of Cold x1
Helm of Concentration +11

Cape of the Roc, Roc's Strength x3 (+6 Strength clickie), Permanent Feather Fall. min level 8 - cloak

Copper Ingot Arcanum: Superior Lightning Lore, Superior Magnetism 6 Quarterstaff
Prysuul's Bane +4 Cold Iron Bastard Sword of Pure good
+3 Holy Cold Iron Bastard Sword of Enfeebling
Paralyzing Quarterstaff of Backstab +1
+1 Shocking Burst Shortsword of Pure Good
+1 Greatclub of Disruption

Stuff I'm looking for:

1 hand Slashing Smiters
1 hand Banishers
Smiting Returner
Vorpal Returner
+6 Dex boots
Ring of Concentration +11 or higher
Ring of Heavy Fort
Ring of Protection +5

08-21-2007, 07:50 PM
I have +6 Dex boots that I just pulled. I'm interested in the +6 Con necklace you have as long as it isn't rr or damaged.

08-24-2007, 03:00 AM
PM sent.