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08-21-2007, 01:52 AM
Yes yes I am sure most of these has be asked before, but if it has lets refresh some of these.

First cancel auctions
Okay what annoys me is when people cancel their auctions 1hr before it closes, or even 3hrs before it closes. I really think this option should be removed after an 1hr or even 30mins after you post said auction. (like if you price something wrong).

Oh boy oh boy I have this rubber ball of bouncing +3 I think I will sell it for oh 20k for 8hrs, but it is worth millions (in my mind) and they will bid it up cause it is so cheap. (7hrs later) Wow here we go lets see how much money I am going to get... ... What only 22k well heck no I can get more than that! *Cancel auction*
Yeah I know people like to set low prices to get people to "impulse buy" but lets face it. You gamble with a low price. you shouldn't have *a get of selling free card* Heck I can't cancel when I am the high bidder, and i find something better or lower price. why should people who sell get that option?

Second alts/other toon bidding
Another thing that makes me mad, is when they jump on their other toons to bid on their own items. I was doing an auction and going back and forth. then all the sudden an item went from 50k to over 650k. Lets face it no one would be throw 650k into a lvl 4 +2str item. and a real newbie wouldn't even have the 50k. It was not even worth it. It was a +2 str ring nothing really special. I was trying to help out a friend. and buying them some stuff. Yeah I know I can't see "who" bid on an item. It is clear it was someone on his/her other alt/toon trying to get me to outbid them without looking. hoping the bid war would make me do something stupid... it didn't work.
So I really think something has to change on that. somehow link the toons so you can't bid on your own items.

(side note)
Before you post on just the price of the object or anyone buying at 650K, thats not the point of this. I know they could do a quest, or I could go to a shop. so before you post back. ask yourself. would you buy your other toons a +2 ring of str for 650k. and like I said a newbie wouldn't have that kind of coin.

Any thoughts, comments or other problems you have seen?

08-21-2007, 06:41 AM
From: http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?t=118243

"There are now restrictions on when you may cancel an auction. You may cancel your auction at any time if it has no bidders, or within the first hour of the posting regardless of the number of bidders."

This solves your second problem too, in a manner of speaking. If a person wants to bid up their own auction with an alt, they might get left holding the bag and have given 1/3 of that gold to the AH. In the example you cite, I suspect someone screwed up by putting the gold value in the plat spot, thus 650K when they intended to bid 65K.

08-21-2007, 10:17 AM
Well they might want to go back and check it. Of course when they are not busy with more important things. The last 3 auctions I have done. I bid on an item. then when I go back it says it was canceled. with less than 3hrs to go. and even an hr to go.

Yeah I figure I this was asked before. as for the alt/toon thing. at least on my server. they do this all the time. and I know a few who do it. maybe in the one case it was just a mistake of 0's added. But I have seen the same item go right back into the auction three times. same price and same buyout. his/her buyout was always like 5mil.

Thanks for the link.

Game on everyone!