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08-20-2007, 11:50 PM
Let me begin by pointing out that the items listed are top end. With the new raid loot mechanic, raid gear is almost certain to be obtained with enough patience. The build can be effective with lower gear. Just redo the math using +5 items, no tomes, and no raid gear. Secondly, this character is designed with a balance of defense, offense, and healing. A pure cleric can do these things well also, this is just a different build with a different feel to it. The reason to post it on the forums is to allow the Cleric community to tweak it if possible, and let others use the build. Build works much better if cap is 16(so you can get all the feats) and replace Cleric with Druid.

Lawful Good Halfling 11cleric/1wiz/2monk
LG because you have to be lawful and LN has minor advantages.
11 Cleric for healing, 30 point resists, heal/harm/bladebarrier/banishment.
1 Wizard for meta feat and arcane wands
2 Monk for evasion, wis bonus to AC, weapon prof(go shuriken!)

9str 16 +1tome+6item
16dex 24 +1tome+6item+1enh
13con 20 +1tome+6item
9int 16 +1tome+6item
18wis 32 +2tome+6item+3levels+3enh
9cha 16 +1tome+6item(only for umd to equip items and dv at start of quest)
5+6items uses almost half our inv slots, see below for possible configuration
32wis is equivalent to most clerics now, so your spell casting is still decent except for spell pen.

dexI, extra dragonmark IV, saves fortI/reflex I, eoz III, imp empower healing I, life magic IV, incredible life II, prayer life III, wand mastery I, wis III, dvI
you have the option to change a few if you want say, higher wand mastery

Saves: 30/28/37
7/3/7cleric, 3/3/3monk, 0/0/2wiz, 5/5/5 resist, 4/4/4gh, 2/2/2luck, 5/7/11mods, 1/1/1race, 1/1/0enh, 2/2/2 recitation

Feats: 3 Dragonmarks, empower, maximize, emp healing, extend at L15
Might want to take extend for recitation, shield, and blade barrier and hold off on empower till L15. Will lose Dragonmark potential though.

AC: 53 with both hands using caster items or using a staff
57 defensive stance blocking
10base+7dex+11wis+7armor+4shield+5deflection+3dodg e+3natural+2recitation+1race

Attack(staff): 5attacks 26-30, +5 more with a shuriken
14divine power+3divine focus+3str+2recitation+1-5weapon+4gh+1race-2flurry
A quick cast of dp/df gives you a decent damage potential, nothing close to a real melee, but enough to contribute if the need arises.
still looking for a para or vorpal shuriken...

Hps: 238
Only 4 lower then average non Dwarf Cleric

Sps: 910
400+ points lower then a comparable cleric, but you have all your Dragon mark heals, which are empowered/maximized/empower Healed which makes up for this. You will have very high dps potential from your damage spells.
Throw out blade barriers often and keep the aggro off the party members with lower defense, which means less healing overall.

Skills: conc and your choice, I pick UMD for rr items. Take Monk level first to get 4 points in jump and balance.

Possible inv usage:
ring=+6cha(just dv someone after initial buffing and remove it)
trinket=head of good fortune(Stormreaver)
necklace=+5 protection
ring=chattering ring(Titan)
body=fearsome robe of invuln
weapon(s)=staff, caster weapons, throwing
boots=striding or featherfall

You have outstanding defense overall, evasion, high saves, arcane wands(blur,stoneskin,knock), sr 23, FOM, decent AC when casting or fighting, and can heal yourself up quickly. Wearing a robe has it's own benefits as well, quick swapping, scaring pugs, no ASF, and a vertical leap over 2".

Ok, check the math over, and see if there is anything to improve the build via enhancements/items/etc..

08-21-2007, 09:31 AM
Couple of possible flaws depending on how they implement monks. Since they have tweaked other special class implementations, no reason to think Monks will come through unchanged either.

That being said, with the increased use of debuffing and dispelling magics by the mobs I would have some concern. You might be a paper tiger if some dispels come your way since a LOT of the AC and attack is from active spells, as well as many other bonus areas.

You might want to also look at where you stand 24/7 without active spells to see how you stack up.

You do give up 7th level spells (for now) and some of those are VERY useful in the upper level quests.

You might consider not carrying EMP Healing as well. Since you will not be a "healbot", and the costs of the new MEta feats are different, I have a feeling that the Empower Healing vs simple Empower benefit curve will not be a useful on the high end spells, in which case you might be able to rethink the need for the Wizard level. Since this character is built towards end game use (from its looks), how much wandage do you really expect to need to use?

08-21-2007, 12:12 PM
Untl we know how turbine plans to implement Monks this is mostly speculation.. But seems resonable to me.....

A Couple thngs I see to improve upon.....

Extend Spell......

I think this is Critical for an offensive casting cleric. Many folks think Extend is just for Buffs and becomes useless at high levels..... Extend to me is an offensice meta... Longer Blade Barriers, Greater Commands, and Symbols are critical if you plan on dishing out the damage.

A Maximized +Superior Potence Blade barrier will hit at over 200 points a Tick. WIth Empower you can see close to 300.. but with extend yout hitting at 200+ for Twice as long.... You end up doing more damage.

Personanly, I would never go all the way out to an 18WIS on a MC Cleric... 17 can acheive the same emd game Potential (as long as TUrbine follows PnP RUles on TOmes and Items) Drop Wis to 17 and put those points into CON.. THat'll put you over 250 inthe hit point department.

17+3 Levels +3 Clr +6Item =29 +3Tome =32

WIth the change to the Raid Loot mechanic, it should be much easier to obtain that +3 Tome with a little Perseverence.

As for Items, You need to bump up your Spell DC a Bit.. A Rever Napkin instead of the +5 Resistance Item would be a Great addition. Even if you can only fit +2 or +3 reisistance on a Ring your saves are still exceptional.