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08-19-2007, 01:36 PM
Fellow Ghallandites, Haven't been playing much so not pulling much new uberness. I still have needs (sound familiar you married guys?) and some stuff to trade for them. I'll be around all weekend and can pop in for a trade.

SMITER (S. Sword, Rapier, Lite Pick)
Paralyzing LONGBOW
Finessible/Thrown Vorpal(s) - who isn't?
Greater Bane Khopesh's or two handers
+3 or Better Full Plate of HEAVY Fort (mith not required)
Kardin's Eye

What I've Got to Offer:

Uber Weapons:

+1 Ghost Touch Longbow of Disruption, Halfling, UMD20, lvl 10
+1 Banishing Light Crossbow of Righteousness
+1 Paralyzing Greatclub, Elf/Drow, Lvl 8! nice twink weapon
+1 Smiting Shortbow, WF, lvl 8
+1 Paralyzing Returning Throwing Axe

Nice Weapons:

+2 Holy Burst Scimitar of Pure Good
+4 Shocking Burst Khopesh of Righteousness, no RR
+4 Icy Burst Longsword of Shatter, no RR
+4 Frost Greataxe of PURE GOOD, no RR
+4 Anarchic Greataxe of PURE GOOD, no RR
+2 Holy Burst Adamantine Dwarven Axe, no RR
+5 Acid Dwarven Axe of Backstab (+2), Drow, UMD22
+2 Seeker Greatsword of Greater Halfling Bane
+1 Cursespewing Dwarven Axe of Greater Reptilian Bane
+3 Transmuting Rapier of Maiming, no RR
+2 Wounding Ssword of Everbright
+1 Anarchic Burst Returning Throwing Axe
+2 Flaming Burst Longsword of Greater Dwarf Bane, no RR


+1 Anarchic of Greater Animal Bane Longbow
+3 Ghost Touch of (2d6) Undead Bane Longbow
+3 Seeker (+8) Of Puncturing, Halfy, UMD24
+1 Greater Reptilian Bane Shortbow
+3 Wounding of Lesser Elemental Bane (nice combo)
+1 Greater Aberration Bane (Ghost Touch as well), Longbow
+2 Thund Shortbow of Greater Human Bane
+1 Crippling Composite Shortbow of Greater Gnoll Bane

Nice Armor:

+4 Less Lightning Gard MITHRAL Full Plate of Pwer III, lvl 12, no RR
+4 Fearsome Breastplate
+4 Full Plate of Mod Fort
+2 Mith Chain Shirt of Mod Fort
+3 Mith Breastplate, lvl4!

Other Stuff:

+6 STR Belt
+1 Luck Stone
+5 Prot Cloak
+4 Prot Necklace
+5 STR/CHA Items
+4 Stat Items at Lvl9 for Twink Gear
Portable Holes
Candy Canes
RING of Power VI
Fragment of the Silver Flame
Reaver's Ring, Choasguards

08-25-2007, 09:21 AM
some stuff added.

08-25-2007, 09:28 AM
PM sent