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08-18-2007, 04:48 PM
UPADTED With Prices only a few I am not selling but will trade for.

Stat Items:

+6 INT Googles (65k Plat)
+5 STR Ring of Light Fort (10k plat)


Damage Weapons

+4 Shock Cold Iron Maul of Pure Good (35k)
+3 Acid Bastage Sword of Pure Good (30k)
+4 Frost Returning Dagger of Pure Good
+2 Holy Burst Returning Dagger (5k)
+2 Flame Burst Khop Of Pure Good (25k)


Greater Bane Weapons

+2 Seeker (+2) Warhamer of Greater Ooze Bane (35k)
+2 Scimy of Greater Undead Bane (75k)
+1 Seeker (+2) Greater Elf Bane Sickle (10k)
+1 Anarchic Battleaxe of Greater Evil Outsider Bane (10k)
+1 Anarchic Hand Axe of Greater Chotic Outside Bane (10k)
+1 True Law Rapier of Greater Magical Beast Bane (10k)
+2 Acid Greataxe of Greater Orc Bane (10k)
+2 Keen Khop of Greater Magical Beast Bane (10k)
+2 Thundering Heavy Mace of Greater Monstrous Humandoid Bane (10k)


Other Weapons:

+1 Para Hand Axe
+1 Light Crossbow of Disruption (50k)
+2 Bastage Sword of Disruption (250k)
+1 Wounding Dagger of Pure Good (10k)
+1 Seeker (+10) Dwarf Axe of Maiming (10k)
+1 Weakening Hvy Crossbow of Enfeebling (10k)
+1 Banishing Adam Morning Star (25k)
+1 Banishing Short Bow (10k)
+2 Shock Burst Short Bow of Puncturing (10k)



+5 Fire Gaurd Fullplate ( Elf/Drow UMD 22) (15k)
+4 Fearsome Fullplate (75k)
Fearsome Robe of Invulerability(x2) (25k each)
Acid Gaurd Robe of Heavy Fort (15k)
Acid Gaurd of Greater Fire Resist (15k)



+1 Dex Tome (x2)
+1 CHA Tome (x3)
+1 INT Tome



Clicky's :

Mask of Solid Fog x5 (10k)



Spike Boots
+4 Resistance Cloak (25k)
+4 Protection Cloak (25k)
Heavy Fort Ring

x7 Black Scales (500k)

Selling set of all 60 Giant hold Relics 20 of each (150k)


+6 CON Neck
+6 Dex Boots
+5 Mith Fullplate of Somthing
+5 or +6 Protection Cloak(*Need)
+4/5 Khops of Pure Good
+3/+4 Burst of Pure Good ( Khops,LS, and Battle Axes)
Planer Grid Belt
+5 Heavy Steel Sheild of Mod Fort
+4/5 Off Hand slashers Elements of Pure Good, Kurki,Hand Axe, ect..

Sup Potency 7 Scepter
Greater Spell Pen 7 Scepter ( if they even have one?)

IGN : Vima or Humza

08-18-2007, 10:56 PM
have +6 str gloves, RR WF, that I'll trade for the +6 dex gloves, if that'll work for ya.