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08-18-2007, 03:13 PM
I have the following for trade:

Melee Weapons
+1 Paralyze Dagger (100,000pp)
+1 Paralyze GreatSword of PG (300,000pp)
+1 Paralyze Denswood Club of Deception (100,000pp)
+1 Keen Dagger of Gtr Elemental Bane (60,000pp)
+2 Thunder Dagger of Gtr Elemental Bane (60,000pp)
+1 IceBurst Lt Mace of Gtr Dragon Bane rrDwarf (100,000pp)
+2 GT Dagger of Gtr Goblin Bane (60,000pp)
+3 Shock GreatAxe of Gtr Vermin Bane (50,000pp)
+2 Shock Hvy Mace of Gtr Orc Bane (60,000pp)
+1 Holy Kama of Gtr Gnoll Bane (50,000pp)
+2 Keen DwarvenAxe of Gtr Undead Bane (70,000pp)
+4 Holy BastardSword of PG (60,000pp)
+4 ShockBurst Handaxe of PG (100,000pp)
+2 HolyBurst Maul of PG rrElf (100,000pp)
+1 IceBurst Hvy Pick of Maiming (40,000pp)
Windlasher (30,000pp)
Prysuuls Bane (60,000pp)
Bejeweled Letter Opener (30,000pp)

Ranged Weapons
+1 Banish Hvy X-Bow (50,000pp)
+2 Banish Hvy X-bow rrHuman (70,000pp)
+3 TC Longbow of Gtr Magic Beast Bane (30,000pp)
+5 Holy Comp ShortBow of Less Abberation Bane (30,000pp)
+3 Comp Longbow of Gtr Giant Bane (60,000pp)
+2 TC Comp ShortBow of Gtr Undead Bane (60,000pp)
+1 Comp Longbow of Gtr Elf Bane (40,000pp)
+2 TC ShortBow of Gtr Vermin Bane (30,000pp)
+1 Thunder Comp Shortbow of Gtr Reptile Bane (30,000pp)

Armor & Shields
+2 Less FireGuard FP of Power9 (30,000pp)
+2 Deathblock Mithril Breastplate (300,000pp)
+4 Mithril HalfPlate of Stability (30,000pp)
+3 FP of Moderate Fort (50,000pp)
+5 FP of Lt Fort (30,000pp)
+5 Hvy Stl Shield of Stability (10,000pp)
+5 Mithril HalfPlate (30,000pp)
+4 Mithril Tower Shield (100,000pp)
+5 Mithril Hvy Shield (50,000pp)
+5 Wood Tower Shield of Stability (30,000pp)
Bulwark of the Storms Fist (+3Hvy Shield w/ +5 Con) (80,000pp)

+6 Wis Necklace
+6 Str Belt
+6 Int Goggle of Disable Dev+3 rrWarforged (200,000pp)
Fearsone Robe of Imp Cold Resist (50,000pp)
Blindness Ward Goggle of Disable Device+10 (10,000pp)
Disease Immune Belt of Spell Resist 19 (15,000pp)
25 Major Mem Pots
200 D-Door Scrolls
PoP 8 (100,000pp)
Ring of Gtr Lightning Resist (200,000pp)
Spiked Boots
Belt of Seven Ideals
Mysterious Ring (+3 Str & +3 Protection) (40,000pp)
+1 Wis tome
+1 Int tome

I am looking for the same as everyone else:
Finessable Vorpals/Disruptors/Smiters
Transmuting Maul of PG
+7 Armor Bracers
GT Disruptors
+3 min. ElemBurst Maul of Weighted 3%min.
Bad-azz Mauls
Phase Hammer
GT Maul of Gtr Undead Bane
+3min. Elemental Rapier of Gtr Undead Bane
Finessable Gtr Undead Banes
Rez Ring
Spell-Storing Ring
Wounding Rapiers/ShortSword/Daggers/Hvy Picks of Puncturing

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