View Full Version : game crash causes reboot and unplayable glitches

08-18-2007, 02:01 AM
This screen shot (http://gara-rpg.net/images/ddo-bs-screen.jpg) shows several of the problems I am having now...

I was in Twilight Forge with my guild and my PC mysteriously shut down entirely. When I was able to reboot and log back in I could no longer see spell effects. No big deal, as long as my spells were being cast I can deal with not seeing them.

But icons vanished, hp bars became gray blocks when they would normally turn green to indicate talking. The focus orb turned into a large gray square with a white grid pattern in it, and so did the mini-map.

Worst of all, the door to the titan behind the shrine was physically not there anymore! I could not even target it with backspace. :eek:

The above screenshot also shows what happened after I got sick of it and teleported back to House D... House D didnt load. I cannot move. The portable hole is the same way and so is every other location in the teleport spell.

What should I do? The launcher doesnt see anything wrong and the options>repair>reset graphics settings route didn't help either.

08-18-2007, 04:57 PM
Insert the install disk and do a repair from there and see if that helps.