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08-17-2007, 10:26 PM
It is funny to see how much of a difference there is in play style when the cleric calls out for mana or goes back somewhere in the quest to grab something. The group will continue half of the time and will manage to take considerably less damage, use pots, and wand eachother up. When the cleric shows back up it seems like most ppl let their guard down and just start swinging. Clerics are in unique positions I believe. At least when I play one I think so.
Half of the time I am in the back of the bus. I can see what is going on during the fight while monitoring health bars. If I see someone taking unnecessary damage I will feel free to tell them. I will offer suggestions as how to fix it. Problem is most ppl take that as you are telling them how to play. Instead of checking to see if the suggestion offered would work they would rather argue with you or ignore you. Feel free to let them die. They can take the spot in your backpack where your stack of healing scrolls used to be.

08-27-2007, 05:37 PM
I love it when someone calls out going to shrine and then the fighter gets hit and asked why he didnt get healed. Ummm who else goes back to the shrine, the cleric or the mage, the rogue don't go back.

Adventure on dear fighter without the healer, just remember you to have the power to drink a healing pot.

08-28-2007, 04:41 PM
My first toon was a cleric and I couldn't tell you how many times I got left behind when I had to go back to a shrine. I'd always let the party know that I was going back and that they should just hang on a bit, but they rarely did. Not only did this lead to needless death and lost XP, but I would have to hurry to catch the group and miss out on much of the quest.

I will admit that it's a bit satisfying when someone goes incap when they failed to wait for me.

It is amazing how quick Pali and Ranger types whip out the wands when the cleric isn't around!

08-28-2007, 04:53 PM
Just make sure to be descriptive "I'm going to shrine" might be missed by people..."Cleric going to shrine" might actually be heeded (though usually not).