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08-16-2007, 08:06 PM
From Sigtrent's Build Request Thread (http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?t=117232)

Build Name: The Iron Rogue
Author: Sigfried Trent
Requester: Poronico
Last Updated: 07/21/10

Key Words [Rogue, Tank, Traps, TWF, Repeater, Mechanic, Dwarf]

The request was for a 32pt rogue with “mad skills” which favored stat damage type fighting over pure dps and was tough and durable.

My mind at the time leaped to a dwarven rogue and still does. Mad Skills calls for mechanic I think and repeaters are decent for stat damage. On anything but one of the dex races I avoid finesse builds so were going strength, and these days rogues are best doing strength damage so slashing is the way to go. I’m not going to specialize in axes since stat damage is better with scimitars, but using dwarven axes is the way to go for non stat damage vulnerable critters.

I brought in some fighter for a few reasons. First to emphasize the toughness as fighter is going to pad out our hit points quite a bit. Secondly to bring in feats I could use to crank up actual armor class to really flesh out this Iron Rogue concept. With Dwarf getting armor mastery we can go for an armored rogue, and what dwarf would want to be found wearing a dress or pajamas? Since I was partly there already, Stalwart seemed the way to go.

I ditched a lot for the traditional enhancements and instead pounded away at durability and defense as well as the trapping skills. DPS wasn’t ignored but it wasn’t a priority and the overall build dynamics would take care of most of that for me. The results are a hit point pool nearly worthy of a light tank and an armor class potential only a bit shy of one.

Trap skills come out very good here thanks to mechanic and its not especially reliant on boosts. UMD and Intimidate are sub par compared to specialists, but you have enough to use them often and to good effect. Intim Tanking with a Rogue is more a party trick than a strategy but it could come in handy from time to time. Even stealth is pretty good if you are into that kind of thing.

Combat is diverse. With good strength and martial weapons you do decent base damage and with your durability this is a rogue that does fine even if it does pull agro. But if you can avoid it the sneak attack damage will certainly bump up your DPS significantly. The repeating crossbow action from Mechanic is also well represented with a nice Int damage bonus its a good ranged option and very “Dwarf”.

Character Plan by DDO Character Planner Version 3.5.1
DDO Character Planner Home Page (http://www.rjcyberware.com/DDO)

Level 20 True Neutral Dwarf Male
(6 Fighter \ 14 Rogue)
Hit Points: 346
Spell Points: 0
BAB: 16\16\21\26\26
Fortitude: 14
Reflex: 15
Will: 6

Starting Feat/Enhancement
Abilities Base Stats Modified Stats
(32 Point) (Level 1) (Level 20)
Strength 15 24
Dexterity 15 18
Constitution 16 20
Intelligence 16 18
Wisdom 8 10
Charisma 6 8

Tomes Used
+2 Tome of Strength used at level 7
+2 Tome of Dexterity used at level 7
+2 Tome of Constitution used at level 7
+2 Tome of Intelligence used at level 7
+2 Tome of Wisdom used at level 7
+2 Tome of Charisma used at level 7

Starting Feat/Enhancement
Base Skills Modified Skills
Skills (Level 1) (Level 20)
Balance 6 20
Bluff -2 0
Concentration 3 6
Diplomacy -2 0
Disable Device 7 35
Haggle -2 0
Heal -1 1
Hide 6 25
Intimidate 2 27
Jump 6 31
Listen -1 1
Move Silently 6 27
Open Lock 6 35
Perform n/a n/a
Repair 3 9
Search 7 36
Spot 3 28
Swim 2 8
Tumble 6 9
Use Magic Device 2 23

Level 1 (Rogue)
Feat: (Selected) Two Weapon Fighting
Enhancement: Dwarven Spell Defense I
Enhancement: Rogue Disable Device I
Enhancement: Rogue Search I
Enhancement: Rogue Improved Trap Sense I

Level 2 (Fighter)
Feat: (Fighter Bonus) Oversized Two Weapon Fighting
Enhancement: Fighter Armor Class Boost I
Enhancement: Rogue Haste Boost I
Enhancement: Rogue Skill Boost I
Enhancement: Rogue Open Lock I

Level 3 (Fighter)
Feat: (Fighter Bonus) Combat Expertise
Feat: (Selected) Toughness
Enhancement: Dwarven Constitution I
Enhancement: Fighter Strength I

Level 4 (Rogue)
Enhancement: Rogue Acid Trap Lore I
Enhancement: Racial Toughness I
Enhancement: Rogue Dexterity I

Level 5 (Rogue)
Enhancement: Fighter Item Defense I
Enhancement: Rogue Sneak Attack Training I
Enhancement: Fighter Intimidate I
Enhancement: Fighter Toughness I

Level 6 (Rogue)
Feat: (Selected) Dodge
Enhancement: Rogue Skill Boost II
Enhancement: Rogue Subtle Backstabbing I

Level 7 (Rogue)
Enhancement: Rogue Disable Device II
Enhancement: Rogue Open Lock II

Level 8 (Rogue)
Enhancement: Rogue Mechanic I

Level 9 (Rogue)
Feat: (Selected) Improved Two Weapon Fighting
Enhancement: Racial Toughness II
Enhancement: Rogue Sneak Attack Training II

Level 10 (Fighter)
Enhancement: Dwarven Constitution II

Level 11 (Fighter)
Feat: (Fighter Bonus) Improved Critical: Slashing Weapons
Enhancement: Racial Toughness III
Enhancement: Fighter Toughness II

Level 12 (Rogue)
Feat: (Selected) Improved Critical: Ranged Weapons
Enhancement: Dwarven Armor Mastery I
Enhancement: Fighter Armor Mastery I

Level 13 (Rogue)
Enhancement: Fighter Intimidate II
Enhancement: Rogue Improved Trap Sense II

Level 14 (Rogue)
Feat: (Rogue Bonus) Crippling Strike
Enhancement: Rogue Disable Device III

Level 15 (Rogue)
Feat: (Selected) Greater Two Weapon Fighting
Enhancement: Rogue Open Lock III
Enhancement: Rogue Search II

Level 16 (Rogue)
Enhancement: Rogue Subtle Backstabbing II
Enhancement: Rogue Mechanic II

Level 17 (Fighter)
Enhancement: Racial Toughness IV

Level 18 (Fighter)
Feat: (Selected) Weapon Focus: Slashing Weapons
Feat: (Fighter Bonus) Weapon Specialization: Slashing Weapons
Enhancement: Fighter Stalwart Defender I

Level 19 (Rogue)
Feat: (Rogue Bonus) Skill Mastery
Enhancement: Fighter Strength II

Level 20 (Rogue)
Enhancement: Dwarven Armor Mastery II

Unlike most rogues you really don’t have to be all that careful. So long as you can land blows, try turning Combat Exprtice on in case you pull agro and go to town.

The only tome serving a build function is dex which you need by level nine. The rest is optional. 28pts can work well by taking con down a notch.