View Full Version : Well folks...

08-15-2007, 03:04 AM
...that's going to be it for me.

I've decided that it's high time to pack up the game and call it done. I've had a blast getting to know you all from Riedra. Not that i have anything against Khyber or anything, it's just simply that i've been too busy to get on the game since the merge and i never got the chance to meet you.

But it's been fun, i'll say that. From the begining when i first bought the game, then got my real life PnP group to join in and start up our guild BlackWind; to meeting all the other great folks from the Legion of Cold Children. It's been great to play along side you all, and get a kick out of all the conversations that went all when we were supposed to be focusing on what had to be done.

LoCC: You've some of the best people in your ranks that i've had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know. Continue on and show the rest of Khyber how great you all are. I look forward to saying hi to all of you again via Frz's mic if i'm ever over again while he's in group, just like when you guys first took down the Reaver.

Frzblaster/Fleeng/Barrdbarian/etc and Htaed/Ivill/Alexas/etc: I'll see you guys next session at D&D, haha.

To everyone else, enjoy the game and have fun...because that is the point of this game, to have fun and enjoy yourselves. Don't let rivalries and whatnot get in the way and make you forget to just have fun.

From Mahrtan L'Thoreking, Westen Smith, Kimarri, Ishall Tankwell, Shal Pilfergold...and Ekaj; the character that started it all for me

Much respect to you all...