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08-15-2007, 12:47 AM
This build is about survivability and versatility without sacrificing major clerical abilities. It's a versatile support class able buff and heal just like a cleric while also having the ability to UMD arcane scrolls and wands (Greater Hero, Blur Wands). Being 12 Cleric / 2 Rogue means you'll have access to a cleric's bread and butter spells (Heal, Raise, Blade Barrier, Greater Command, Harm, Banish) while also having some survivability with evasion, saves in the mid 20s, 200+ hitpoints, and 1000+ spellpoints.

It's not a min-maxed build, but having played a lvl 14 straight cleric, what you gain from this build far outweights its negatives.

Stats (32 Point Build)
STR 08
DEX 14 -> 22 (1 tome + 5 item + 1 rogue + 1 human)
CON 14 -> 20 (1 tome + 5 item or +6 item)
INT 12 (For skill points)
WIS 16 -> 30 (2 tome + 6 item + 3 levels + 2 cleric + 1 human)
CHA 14 -> 20 (1 cleric + 5 item)

Note: Halfing is also an viable option because of their inherent saves bonuses and enhancements or drow for the low stat buys. I put points into CHA because I like being able to DV, and with the upcoming cleric changes, DV's won't suck so much. However, if you're not the DV type, I would recommend putting these points in either DEX or CON.

Level Progression
01 - Rogue | Feat: Toughness | Human: Lightning Reflexes
02 - Cleric
03 - Cleric | Feat: Empower Healing
04 - Cleric
05 - Cleric
06 - Rogue | Feat: Extend
07 - Cleric
08 - Cleric
09 - Cleric | Feat: Mental Toughness
10 - Cleric
11 - Cleric
12 - Cleric | Feat: Improved Mental Toughness
13 - Cleric
14 - Cleric

Play Guide
Level 1 - 3
The first few levels can be expensive, you'll be using mostly wands and spamming heals in emergencies. Some pugs might expect you to have some rogue abilities (you can pick, but you can't disable).

Level 3 - 6
Same as above, you'll be able to cast resists soon so take extend at level 6. Also at level 6, take your second level of rogue for evasion since mobs tend to do flamestrikes and whatnot. Even if you fail a reflex save, only taking half damage makes a difference. Pump up your balance too since getting knocked on your back can also wipe a party at this level.

Level 6 - 9
Start carrying rez scrolls. You'll be making a caster level check since you're not a level 9 cleric yet, but you should be able to use them with a good success rate.

Level 9 - 11
Your spellpoints will start climbing from here on. It gets kind of tough finding groups at this level since most people try to plow through gianthold to level up quickly.

Level 11 - 14
This is when it really gets fun. You'll be fully geared up and raids will be a cinch. Chain lightning? Pfft. Air Elementals? Like getting pushed by a 5 year old. Demon Queen flying blades? Insignificant.

08 Cleric Base
05 Con Modifier
04 Resistance Item
04 Greater Hero
02 Recitation
15 Standing / 21 Buffed (17/23 with Head of Good Fortune)

08 Cleric Base
10 Wis Modifier
04 Resistance Item
04 Greater Hero
02 Recitation
22 Standing / 28 Buffed (24/30 with Head of Good Fortune)

04 Cleric Base
03 Rogue Base
06 Dex Modifier
02 Lightning Reflexes
04 Resistance Item
04 Greater Hero
02 Recitation
19 Standing / 25 Buffed (21/27 with Head of Good Fortune)

10 Base
14 +5 Mithral Chain Shirt
04 Protection Item
07 +5 Shield
02 Invaders Ring
02 Chaosguarde
02 Recitation
03 Ranger Barkskin
39 Standing / 44 Buffed

Skills (Level 14)
At each cleric level, put a point into concentration, UMD, and a half a point in balance.
At each rogue level, put points into UMD, balance, jump, and whatever else you want.

17 Levels
10 Item
05 Modifier
04 Greater Hero
02 Recitation
32 Standing / 38 Buffed (34/40 with Head of Good Fortune)

12 Levels
06 Modifier
13 Invaders Ring
04 Greater Hero
02 Recitation
31 Standing / 37 Buffed (33/39 with Head of Good Fortune)

17 Levels
05 Modifier
02 Command
04 Greater Hero
02 Recitation
24 Standing / 30 Buffed (26/32 with Head of Good Fortune)

Human Adaptability Wisdom
Human Adaptability Dexerity
Improved Empower Healing III
Cleric Prayer of Life II
Cleric Energy of the Zealot III
Cleric Charisma
Rogue Dexterity
Cleric Wisdom II
Cleric Divine Vitality III
Cleric Extra Turning I
Cleric Wand Mastery III

Future-proofing: When (and if) monks come out. Replace the two levels of rogue with monks. Monks get evasion at level 2 and their wisdom modifier is added to their AC when not wearing any armor (I believe).

And there you have it! Let me know if I made any mistakes, and please feel free to deviate from this template any way you see fit to match your play style.

08-15-2007, 01:54 AM
I like it. Done with realistic items. With hard to obtain items you could replace the invaders ring/use barkskin pots, you could work a greater false life ring or a heavyfort/disease immunity ring in it's place. If you were worried about balance could get the gyroscopic boots from titan.

Was wondering through if that plus 1 dex you get from being a rogue will be available for monks. Since p&p does not have enhancements, I wonder what stat enhancement monks would get? Am guessing wisdom.

Overall it sounds to me like it would be a fun one to try. My current builds have horrible reflex saves.