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08-14-2007, 01:37 PM
Just a few reminders for those of you coming to the party Saturday...

Remember that I'm only providing you with snacks (think chips, veggies, wings, etc) so remember to schedule in some time for your dinners before the party amid all the con-going. I dont want anyone showing up at the party not having eaten dinner, thinking we were having dinner, and then starving :(
Jillians does not permit outside food/beverage. Kind of expected, but figured I had better toss that out there just incase. They do have food to order, but it will probably pretty busy/crowded, so beware of that.
If you are under 21 (or have people with you under 21), remember that after 9pm, Jillians becomes 21 and up only. The party runs from 7pm-10pm. So the last hour is 21 up only if you're a late arrival.
Party activities will take place sporatically throughout the evening, so dont think you have to stay beginning to end to get in on the action. This is particularly important for those of you having to leave before 9pm because of under-age issues. I will try to make sure any of the games/drawings take place prior to 9pm for that reason. After 9pm, I might have a more 'adult' game for us ;)
Remember we will be on the game-floor level in an area near the bar
There will be activities that relate to an opportunity at getting cool prizes, so don't forget about those too!
Forget your badge? Don't own a printer? Too lazy to fuss with it? Don't forget I will have some less-cool sticker badges you can use in lue of the pre-made ones.
Wear your badges around gencon, even if you're not going to the party, and look out for others wearing them! Meet your fellow players as you're walking about.

02-04-2011, 11:21 PM
Someone has no sense of humor...