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08-14-2007, 12:32 PM
Just thought I would pass this along to you all ...

Last night I was playing my bard/rogue who is a dual wielding wepon finess bard.

I was level 4 when I started the night ... Join an STK group.

They asked me if I could play the role of healer ... np I say.

So we go through STK and I buff and heal ... no deaths. Get to part 3 and our rogue can't search or disable ... so I request that I take a shot at it ... BAM ... traps disabled.

At the end of STK ... everyone thanks me for the great healing and the group agrees to stay together for deleras.

I hit my level ... so I go get level 5 and re-arrange some of my stuff (yahoo... can finally use my stuff from tangleroot).

Anyways, one person has to leave so we open up the group for one more ... we get a cleric ... so time for me to change strategies.

I put away my wands and whip out my two +2 pure good rapiers and wade into battle.

By the end of the quest I am leading the kill count ... Normally I don't watch the kill count but this was pointed out to me by someone else. BTW I was now playing the role of lead rogue as well, as our pure rogue could not find and disable the traps.

I don't believe that my char is the most uber or best built char ever ... I am not writing this to brag or puff out my chest ... I am writing this because I think this story reflects the true versatility of the bard class.

Morale: Anyone reading this deciding on whether or not to make a bard ... do your homework and join the ranks of the truly versatile warriors.


08-14-2007, 12:47 PM
Welcome to our secret little world... ;)