View Full Version : +1 Smiting Scimitar no RR lvl 10

08-13-2007, 05:33 PM
I am looking for a +5 Burst of PG Khopesh or Falchion
Or +5 Mith FP with nice enhancements, not lesser guards/resists, or lesser axe/spearblock etc. For nice armor I will replace your +5 Mith with a sexy set of +5 Mith FP or an evil looking set of +4 Acid Guard Mith FP AND give you the Smiting Scimi. Once you get one of these you will never let it go, the only reason I am is because I have a falchion now and I prefer the 2h.

Other things I am looking for that may require further negotiation:
Bursting Khopesh of Greater Giant Bane (not shock or thunder/needs to work on reaver)
Bursting Khopesh of Greater Dragon Bane
Disruption Maul (with Ghost touch would be sick)
Greater Undead Bane Maul
Nice Melee Ghost Touch Greater Undead Bane Weapon
+2 INT Tome
+2 STR Tome
Ring of Greater False Life

Other tradebait if needed (some of it is on AH so it may be gone)
+2 Ghost Touch Shortsword of Disruption
+1 Vorpal Greatsword no rr
+1 Paralyzing Greataxe Halfy RR Min LVL 8!
+1 Paralyzing Dwarven Axe of Righteousness
+1 Banishing Short Sword
+1 Banishing Dagger
+1 Banishing Heavy Repeater
+1 Vicious Heavy Mace of Disruption
+1 True Law Falchion of Disruption
+4 Flaming COLD IRON Khopesh of Pure Good
+5 Thundering Falchion of Pure Good
+5 Flaming Burst Greatsword
+2 Greatclub of Greater Undead Bane
+3 Thundering Falchion of Greater Orc Bane
+1 Shocking Burst Greataxe of Greater Monstrous Humanoid Bane
+5 Acid Guard Mithral Breastplate of Stability LVL 14 No RR