View Full Version : 3 things to OMG for

08-13-2007, 05:22 PM
1- I cant heal my Iron defender with wands of repair....I can cast the spell and heal him...I can also use pretty much every other buff wand I carry on him as well. *this needs a fix*

2- OMG THEY FIXED CRIPPLING STRIKE - but 7 months later the bug with my rangers missing feat has gone unanswered- Ive only submitted it about 8 times though.....guess Im not making any friends at turbine......after the recent letter I sent them I dont think Im on the nice list anymore :(

3- I have 1 open slot that I roll up test characters on at least 3 times a week. You all should consider yourselves very lucky as u will now have the privelage of knowing when I have retrieved old sullys grog. After which I will delete the character and do it again with a slight variation in my test build.

*seriously .....this is not such a great idea......its actually about 100 times worse.....the sheer amount of rerolls will dwarf the amount of giant raid attempts....especially post merger*

4- whos up for a dragon raid......My barbarian can kill any mob at any pillar....you pick the pillar....and I ll take down said pillar at the same time.

* as a side note ..the pics from mod 5 look awesome...the gelatinous cube is huge and Im itching to go for a swim. Also ..undead beholders....*

OK so thats actually 4 sort of. maybe even 5 by somes math.