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08-13-2007, 04:33 PM
Hi guys,

I'm rapidly approaching my 6th level as a pure ranger, and at a loss for what feat to pick. I already have PBS, Weapon Focus: Ranged, and all ranger freebies.

I'm focused primarily on archery, but accept that melee is a necessary evil from time to time. I'm torn between Quickdraw (I hate that delay when switching weapons in combat) or Weapon Finesse. Weapon Finesse will not benefit me greatly anytime soon as my dex is only slightly higher than my strength (my dex will be much higher than my strength at later levels though) and I tend to use 2-handers because of better weapon finds.

So it's Quickdraw vs Weapon Finesse. Anyone want to weigh in on the usefulness of quickdraw?

The other possibilities (if they're even available to me) is power critical: ranged or Mental toughness for some more spellpoints. I'm leaning towards weapon finesse because of my long-term thinking tendancies, but I also want to try out quickdraw just to see what its like...

08-13-2007, 04:47 PM
i would take weapon finesse

toughness is always nice

and never forget iron will

08-13-2007, 05:26 PM
Testing I did with Quickdraw a few months ago showed that it dropped the weapon change time from ~1 sec to about ~0.5-0.75 sec (large variation due to crappy stopwatch). If that's worth a feat to you, have at it. ;)

Weapon Finesse it awesome. Assuming your STR is high enough, Power Attack is nice for punching through DR or adding extra damage when there is no DR. Iron Will is a nice feat to shore up the one weak Ranger save. Power Critical is interesting, but if your DEX is going to end up in the 30+ range, I would suggest you don't need it.