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08-13-2007, 04:15 PM
Hi folks,

I am a new returnee to DDO. I just wasn't ready for a DDO styled game yet, so I quit after the first month. I am now ready to play a game like DDO, but I don't want to get mixed up with the crowd that rushes through dungeons. I haven't experienced any of the content past lvl 5 and the content I have done, I don't remember well enough to want to rush through it to begin with.

I do PREFER RPers, since I want what others describe as their AD&D PnP days, but it is not required. I am more concerned about finding people who do not rush and are just starting out (or rerolling).

The idea of a Perma-death guild sounds intriguing, but it is a nightmare sifting through the Guild List thread to find one. It needs updating and consolidation into the now current servers.

Anyhow, I am looking for a perma-death guild, since I like to reroll and it provides plenty of opportunities to start with a lvl 1 group. However, that perma-death group must have rules in place that I agree with, so please leave a link to your thread in this thread. Also, don't bother if your members rush through content. I am new and I want to experience everything. I know people say "just let them know you are new," but I feel terrible forcing an entire group to slow down that has done the content several times, just for me. It is very ostracizing and I would rather just join a group/guild that takes it slow automatically...either because they are RPing a new character (their characters first time seeing the area) or because they just like to take it slow (just in-case someone is new).

I am also open to a dedicated group or a dedicate guild. Meaning, a group that only plays with each other, which would require set days to meet up. What I mean by dedicated guild, is that the guild members only play with each other, has set rules on what can and can't be done to ensure enjoyable game-play and an avoidance of situations where we overpower the content due to being twinked. The guild doesn't have to meet up on certain days like the group, because there would be a larger pool of players to choose from in-case some like to play more than others. If you are recruiting for either one of these, please keep this in mind. I am lvl 1, therefore need other lvl 1's to group with. If your guild doesn't have an abundance of lvl 1's for me to group with, we are both wasting our time, since this IS a grouping game. However, with the introduction of soloable quests in the Harbor, I am willing to join a guild with an abundance of whatever level starts the required group play...including the group Harbor quests. I do remember trying this game out 8 months ago and some harbor quests weren't soloable by all classes (ie. One could be soloed by a sneak, but not by non-sneaky classes).

Please reply to this thread if you KNOW of any guilds/groups like I described above.

Thank you.

P.S.- I am copying this thread into the Questing thread, since some people read only one or the other. If you replied there, don't reply here and visa versa.

P.S.S- I meant I am interested in either a Perma-Death guild Or a Dedicated Group Or a Dedicated Guild. It doesn't have to be Perma-Death. Also, if it is a Dedicated Group, they have to meet several days a week, otherwise I lose interest. I don't have a main character to turn to while not playing in a dedicated teams group, so I need a group that meets several days a week.