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08-13-2007, 03:37 PM
Brand new bard (well I'm lvl 7 now) and I haven't had this much fun since I started playing this game and I'm still rather new there too.

Made a Drow True Neutral Bard based on a repeater build I found. Kept pretty close to that build but diverged a little to get Virtuoso and Song of the Dead at lvl 7. But back to the fun. Oh, no reason for the alignment other than I don't know any better, but I am having fun so hush. =)

I normally don't care to play the healer that much because it is a little boring (just my opinion not dissing the clerics, just not my style). I joined a group doing Splinterskull and agreed to be the healer since no clerics were available. Oh well, had to happen eventually, let's see how this goes.

OMG. What a blast. Song buff the group, hypno the mobs, glitter the big fights, heal when necessary, wand if heal is down and song the mobs to sleep if we get too many. Did every part but last 2 on hard (wasn't worried about difficulty, I had a time constraint so had to hurry things up). Think we only had one or two deaths through the entire thing. Now I have haste and soundburst so even more fun is coming. =)

Now, I don't want to have to primary heal all the time, but it's nice to know I can. I don't want to lead kill counts, I want to make everyone's job easier. Just let me sit back with the mages and if anything comes our way I will stun it and put a few bolts into it for good measure until the melee types can get over to finish it. Then again, those repeaters hit awfully hard sometimes.

You have to understand, I came here from EQ1 and 2 and well um ....uh played WoW too. (Hey I was young, I didn't know any better!) I was a bard in EQ and an Enchanter/Illusionist in both EQs. I *LOVE* CC and the ability to mez or fascinate an entire room of mobs ROCKS! (provided you have a party that understands what bards can do) They say that Wiz is the king of CC here and I have a 12 Wiz so that is true, but sorry fascinate is more fun.

I have 6 toons on Khyber and I just can't stop playing my new bard long enough to continue leveling the others, lol. I'm an addict, I admit it and I do NOT need help.

I hope this game stays around. I know there have been some concerns about the server merges and lag here and there and bugs. But seriously, I have had to deal with those types of issues in every game I have played. This is a great game, we shouldn't slack off on Turbine to get issues fixed, but don't dwell on them either. Maybe I haven't got to the bad ones yet, but I haven't found anything truly gamebreaking yet. Nothing of the level of EVE or SWG that truly destroys the game.

Anyway, I hope to be playing my 14 Bard soon and even higher when the next lvl cap is brought in. Have fun, hope to see ya's in-game.

Mezmerelda Hexx 7 Bard, Khyber, MAC

08-13-2007, 08:15 PM
I have a crowd control bard that I made a long time ago. I had just watched one solo Stormcleave while I stood there dumbfounded. What awsome memories!

08-20-2007, 03:17 AM
Awesome crowd control will get you anywhere. Five level 5's and one level 3 did Stormcleave because of my bard self and an awesome cc'ing sorcerer.