View Full Version : Dynamic Dungeon Creation

08-13-2007, 02:28 PM
Of all the things that DDO could possibly do to continue its success, I think adding the ability to generate content would be the single best thing possible. Someone recently mentioned this, and it occurred to me that while I had thought of it ages ago, I never posted about it.

If a user could spend time designing a quest, not only would that player continue to play, but it would dramatically increase the amount of content available.

The system could be as *simple* (I'm a programmer so the word 'simple' is never something I'd like to use lightly) as this:

-Publish a list of the premade terrain blocks (aka Sewer_Passage_Plain_01, Sewer_Passage_Skylight_03...)

-Create a tool (or publish the one you have for your own team) that enables us to drop these terrain segments into place

-Create a series of wands for us to use:
-dodad wand
-breakable wand
-collectable wand
-enemy wand
-chest wand (creates a blank chest for dev controlled loot)
-key wand
-npc wand

Then we can 'run' through the 'dungeon' 'wanding' in 'stuff' maybe as a party?!? Then even a dungeon you designed would have neat stuff you'd never seen before.

Then with some property editing (dialog etc) we can submit the dungeon for review.

Perhaps the dungeon is a room off the guild housing? As a reward we can buy additional dungeon slots?

Totally rediculous atm, but fun to think about nonetheless.