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08-13-2007, 07:18 AM
hey all, Played about a year ago and im back....id lke to make a new fighter toon and need help with a Drow TWF build...now i am really lacking in the Abreviated lingo (BAB, Mirth FG, DPS) and ect...is there a post or site that has a glossary of these so i can get an idea of what im reading...also when i create my drow...i understand i get some nice tombs off the bat...where do i get those?
Thanks for any help

08-13-2007, 07:57 AM
To get your tomb:

Go up to the meanest looking dwarf you can find and say "Hey look a fat halfling midget!"

You'll habe a tomb for yourself soon enough.

08-13-2007, 08:07 AM
hi there, i have an amazing drow 2wf

heres what i did:
(note, you dont start out with tomes inherently as a drow - on this build you need a +1 dex tome from another source)

18str (+3 from levels 4, 8, and 12)
16dex (+1 dex tome)

2PLD/12FTR is your goal
use shortswords (and possibly rapiers)

Feats : total 11
3: TWF, ITWF, GTWF - the 3 two weapon fighting feats (these are normal, improved and greater two weapon fighting)
4: WF:P, WS:P, GWF:P, GWS:P - the piercing weapon feats (these are normal and greater weapon focus : piercing and normal and greater weapon specialization : piercing)
those are the 4 basic feats for DPS, leaving you with 4 more
i recommend power attack, toughness, improved critical : piercing, and a free feat of your choice. (if you are lucky enough to pull a +3 int tome from the reaver, take combat expertise!)

What does 2PLD give you?
2 levels of paladin gives you some nice stuff, and i recommend you take it as your 1st 2 levels.
Smite evil - attack with twice your Charisma bonus to your attack roll, and a damage bonus based on your paladin level.
Divine grace - you can apply your charisma modifier to saving throws
Lay on hands - a once per day ability that heals (or damages undead) target for (10+PLD level) x CHR modifier.
Aura of good - An aura granting a +1 bonus to saves and Armor Class
Follower of Vulkoor (lvl1) - +1 to hit with shortswords
Paladin Charisma (lvl2) - +1 CHA

Fighter enhancements to get:
Fighter Strength
Fighter Toughness
Item Defense (optional)
Fighter Armor Mastery

Drow enhancements to get:
Drow Melee Damage
Drow Melee Attack
Drow Spell Resistance (optional)
Elven Dexterity (Optional depending onyour dexterity item and Max dex bonus)

- what this looks like end game (assuming 30STR, which is not hard with a +5 item and a +1 tome, or a +6 item)
14 BAB
+5 Shortsword
+2 WF:P, GWF:P
+2 Drow Melee Attack
+10 STR
+1 Vulkoor Champion
-2 TWF
32 attack unbuffed (27 with PA)

Damage (mainhand)
+5 Shortsword
+10 STR
+4 WS:P, GWS:P
+2 Drow Melee Damage
+21 damage per hit (26 with PA)

Damage (offhand)
+5 Shortsword
+5 STR
+4 WS:P, GWS:P
+2 Drow Melee Damage
+16 damage per hit (21 with PA)

weapons to use:
a reasonable goal would be : +5 elemental shortsword of deception / treason offhand would be a very nice combo for damage (with some survivability, thanks to deception)
theres nothing stopping you on this build from effectively using wounding/puncturing stuff and doing stat damage
but if you find a pair of +5 holy/elemental burst shortswords of pure good RR drow please use them. (mathematically its the same as the deception/treason combo if your only using 1)

----------------maximum's ( a look at what happens if everything you want drops for you)
STR: 18 +3 from levels + 3 from enhancements + 6 from item + 2 from tome + 2 rage/madstone boots etc : 34 STR, this would bring your to-hit up 2 in each hand, as well as 2 damage mainhand 1 offhand. to a total of +34 to hit, with +23/17 damage

Weapon: +5 Elemental (or holy/elemental burst RR drow) shortsword of deception / treason. you now have backstabbing 3 on most of the time thanks to deception making the target vulnerable to sneak attack. Backstabbing 3 gives you a +3 attack and +5 damage to all attacks that would sneak attack (this damage is constant, and works on most things except undead and construct but cannot be multiplied by critical hits). Now you have a +37 to hit and +28/22 damage.

Thats pretty good still unbuffed! Greater heroism, good hope, recitation, haste, bard songs, power attack will all make these numbers go up even more!


just for comparison, lets see how this stands up to a popular barbarian build in rage an Power attack. (well turn PA on as well)

Maldini's pure dps barbarin, quoted from his own build, FULLY kitted out does +42damage, with a +5 weapon and power attack.
barbarians get 4 attacks, making this +168 damage in a round to a single target, assuming no crits.

we have 4 normal attacks +33 (23+5PA +5 Sneak Attack) and 3 offhand attacks +27(17+5PA +5 Sneak Attack): +132 mainhand and + 81 offhand : +213 a round.

Now i know your going to say, but wait! glancing blows do a lot of damage! omgzor! yes they do, about 40 a round to nearby enemies, but remeber that free feat? since we already have power attack, go ahead and take cleave. now you will also do 1d6+33 +1d6 from whatever element you have on your weapon in an area of effect every 5 seconds. This very succinctly equalizes your area of effect power. unlike glancing blows you are also able to critical hit on cleaved attacks.


another quick comparison: the CON damage TWF
doing 7 con damage a round + and average (assuming rapier/shortsword with improved crit) of 6/20 x4 + 4/20 x3: 36/20: 9/5, (well make it a generous 2) crits of 1d6 con DMG per round. Thats a total of 7+2d6 con DMG, average 14 con dmg a round. on a monster with 20 HD, which is INCREDIBLY generous in current content, this would deal the equivalent of +140 points of damage, bringing it short of the Barbarian and nowhere near this build while not even taking into consideration our criticals. Indeed, a monster would have to have a massive 30HD to make the typical Wounding/puncturing build on par with this build.

(fyi: this build has an average critical damage of 4/20 x 4 x 28: 22.4 mainhand + 4/20 x 3 x 22: 13.2 = +34.6 damage a round.

the barbarian assuming a non-sword of shadows(man that things imba) greatsword /w improved crit has 4/20 x 4 x 42: +33.6 of course they have a higher base weapon damage so it is about even.)


when to use rapiers : when critical hits are what u need (banisher, smiter), otherwise the +1 attack from shortsword about makes up for it. rapiers are simply harder to come by in my experience.

AC- armor class
Whats a decent armor class to shoot for:
disclaimer: even though this is a 2 weapon fighting build i recommend you always carry a shield.

that being said, what ac is achievable with this build in good to great gear, without spamming clickies of shield lvl 1
with an easy dex of 22, (16 base +1 tome +5 from other sources - you can take 2 from the drow enhancements)

10 base
+13 (+5 mithral fullplate)
+3 max dex bonus
+3 fighter armor master
+5 protection item
+2 chaosguardes
+3 barkskin potions, cheap, good, last 6 minutes!
+1 Paladin aura
40 ac is not bad!
now with more uber gear and spells:
+3 chattering ring
+4 shield clicky (5/10 level ones)
+1 haste (pots/clickies etc.)
48 self achieveable ac while twf is quite impressive, obviously a party can take this higher with a true paladin aura and better barkskin

08-13-2007, 08:53 AM
thanks ill give that a shot...tomb...oops...im not a morning typer...:eek: good stuff
BTW...what is the reaver is this in a quest?