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08-11-2007, 09:48 AM
Self explanitory. Open things usable or ubah to any of my toons.

Rare Weapons:
+1 Paralyzing Heavy Mace of Vertigo 2
+1 paralyzing heavy mace of vertigo
+1 paralyzing dagger of tendon slice
+2 Paralyzing warhammer of 1% weighted L12 Elf/Drow dc22
+1 seeker shortsword of smiting
+2 greatsword of smiting
+2 quarterstaff of smiting
+1 Impact Flametouched Iron Mail of Smiting
+1 Thundering Xbow of disruption
+1 light pick of Disruption

DPS and Banes:
+4 Holy Dwarven Axe of PG
+4 Flaming Bastard Sword of Rightousness
+3 Flaming Burst Dwarven Axe of PG
+1 cursespewing Dwarven Axe of Greater Chaotic Outsider bane
+3 axiomatic heavy mace of PG
+3 holy dwarven axe of vertigo
+4 holy battleaxe of backstabbing
+1 Flaming Burst Heavy Cross bow of Greater Giant Bane
+4 Flaming Burst Light Crossbow of PG
+5 ghost touch longbow of PG
+4 anarchic burst rapier human rr
+4 holy cold iron heavy pick
+3 flaming greatclub of greater undead bane Elf/Drow rr

Stat Damagers:
+3 Wounding Battleaxe of PG
+1 Strength sapping Kopesh of PG
+2 Strength Sapping Bastard Sword of Rightousness
+1 Strength Sapping Kopesh of PG
+2 wounding Kopesh of tendon slice 2%
+4 cursespewing Dwarven Axe
+1 Strength Sapping light Cross bow of Puncturing

+6 Stat Items:
+6 Charisma +1 resistance Ring human rr
+6 Int Goggles

The Oddball but Semi Ubah stuff:
Disease immunity ring of Spell Resistance +19 Dwarf rr
Disease immunity ring of SR 19 ( no rr )
Cloak of protection +5 X2
Superior Devotion 5 helm of shield of faith X3+13 Open Lock Goggles
+13 spot goggles
+5 Protection +1 con necklace Elf/Drow rr
Armored Bracers +6
+4 Protection Ring of Disease Immunity
+13 balance belt

Not so Ubah but sure looks nice:
+5 strength +3 DD gloves
+4 cha cloak of lessor restoration 3X
+4 con belt of light fortification
+5 Con belt +3 balance X2
Cloak of Protection +3
+1 Dexterity +11 Open Lock gloves
+5 Strength +3 Balance belt
+5 Strength 1X remove paralysis belt Human rr
+5 Strength Belt
+5 Intelligence Goggles
+5 cha +3 concentration Dwarf RR
+5 Charisma +3 concentration ring Dwarf rr
Cloak of Resistance +4 X2
+5 Wisdom Necklace
+3 spell penetration 7 scepter
+2 club with evocation/transmutation focus
+5 str +5 balance belt Dwarf RR
Armored Bracers +5 AC +3 heal
Bronze Ingot Arcanum +2 Superior Acid Lore Superior Corrosion 4
+2 enchantment scepter of greater fire lore
Armored bracers (+3) of bless 3X
20% Striders Swim +5
+1 wis tome
Feather falling ring of tumble 10
+5 cha +3 haggle helm
+5 Dex +3 swim boots
+4 charisma +1 protection cloak
+1 cha tome
+1 Dex tome

Armor for the Rust Monster in you:
+4 twighlight studded leather armor
+4 twighlight chain shirt
+2 Full Plate of Spell Resistance +19
+2 Chain Mail of Spell Resistance +19
+4 Mithril Light Shield of Spell Resistance +15
+1 Full Plate of Heavy Fortification
+3 Deathblock Full Plate

My Needs are simple. The ubah things BUT I am especially looking for:
+5 Mithril Full Plate
Superior Potency 6+ item ( yes a 1 hand weapon is fine )
Wizardry 5+ item
6 con ring
6 Dex gloves
Heavy Fort ring
Sweet ubers I cannot possibly live without
Anything else I want to trade for