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08-09-2007, 03:17 PM
Looking for some constructive feedback. This is my first attempt at a ranger build. So probably making some mistakes.

Concept: good saves/decent dmg/decent support

Race human
Class 11 ranger / 3 paladin
dex 16 ending 28
str 16 ending 28
con 10 ending 14
wis 14 ending 20
int 8
chr 12 ending 20

WF ranged
WF slashing
quick draw - still not entirely sure about this feat
rapid reload - still not entirely sure about this feat either
imp crit ranged
imp crit slashing

To explain my current thinking on quick draw. I found myself switching between bow sets and weapon sets frequently. My typical attack is unloading ranged then switching to melee when the mob closes. I'm hoping quick draw allows me to switch to melee sets faster which arguably the description states it does.

To explain rapid reload. Though I will usually be using a bow I have several nice xbows that work very well situationally, wounding / puncturing and smiting and so forth. My concern here is the amount of ammo I'll need to supply between bolts and arrows.

enhancements would be generally speaking
ranger dex 3
paladin chr 1
human str 1
g human dex 2
favored enemy dam
favored enemy resist
favored enemay attack
bulwork of good
aura of resistance
extra lay on hands
human improved recovery 3

08-09-2007, 05:23 PM
How much melee are you planning on doing? The base 10 CON is going to be a bit low. I suggest peeling that WIS back a shade (base 12) and putting those points into CON, unless you are dead set on being able to pull the WIS rune in VON 5. :)

Related to the above point - how many levels of paladin are you looking on taking considering a level 20 cap? I ask because if you can't/won't pull back on the WIS, maybe look into taking Toughness. Coupled with just the first tier (Paladin Toughness I), it's an extra 21 HP. Obviously if you could unlock Pally Toughness II down the line, that would be even better (10 more HP).

Power Attack - with a 28 STR, look to take PA to increase your overall damage output. With 7 attacks per chain, that's an additional +35 damage. Very nice. Hmm, seems like I'm recommending that a lot lately.

08-10-2007, 07:34 AM
14 Wisdom is a nice break point for Rangers and Paladins. You get a little more spell points, but more importantly, you can hit 20 without having to kill yourself. This alows you to pull the Wis runes in VON 5. Not necessarily a requirement, but a good goal if you can reach it.

On the rapid reload feat, I'd choose between bows and crossbows and run with it. Too hard to try to keep all the ammo (as you mentioned) plus not all the ranged feats work on both styles.