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08-09-2007, 06:21 AM
Trading the following items.

Plus 1 ghost touch disruption sickle.
Plus 6 con ring of light fort rr dwarf.
Plus 6 dex boots 3 swim rr human.
Plus 6 wis helm.
Plus 6 cha cloak, and helm.
Jor's collar.
Daggertooth belt.
Ring of the djinn.
Greater spell pen 6 scepter.
Resist 4 ring.
Protection 5 ring.
Greater false life ring, and belt.
Heavy fort belt.
Plus 3 true law greataxe of greater goblin bane.
Spell resist 19 ring, and belt.
15 blue, 2 white scales.

Looking for the following items (rr ok).

Plus 6/7 wiz helm, or ring.
Ring of the ancients, or heavy fort ring.
Plus 6 dex gloves.
Plus 6 cha ring.
Good kopesh's, and greataxes.
Resist cloak, or ring plus 5.

If u have a trade involving items not on my list, feel free to let me know the trade.

Pm, or send tell to volta, or tiberous in game.

08-12-2007, 02:29 PM