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08-08-2007, 09:53 PM
I am currently leveling up a new halfling paladin and I currently need (in order of greatest to lowest need):

+5/6 charisma Helm (if rr must be halfling)
Heavy Fort Ring/Ancient Band
1 handed and 2 handed slashing greater banes--if rr must be halfling/no exotic
banes needed:
Elf/Human/Giant/Undead/Abberation/Evil Outsider/Goblinoid/Gnoll/Dwarf/Dragon/Construct
Kardin's Eye

I currently have to offer:

+5 mith cs x3
+5 mith light steel shield
+5 mith bp (some perm dmg)

+1 acid longbow of disruption
+1 banishing shortbow of something
+1 true chaos shortbow of greater construct bane
+3 ghost touch shortbow of greater giant bane
+2 holy longbow of greater abberation bane
+1 thundering longbow of greater abberation bane
+1 icy burst shortbow of greater abberation bane
+4 icy burst greatsword of backstab +1
+2 seeker 2 kopesh of greater elf bane
+2 acid kopesh of greater human bane
+1 flaming kopesh of greater vermin bane
+2 shocking burst kopesh of pure good
+1 flame touched iron kopesh of greater undead bane
+4 true chaos bastard sword of greater lawful outsider bane rr dun remember
+1 weakening longbow of enfeebling
+1 weakening longbow of puncturing
+1 flaming burst shortbow of greater monstrous humanoid bane
+4 Holy shortbow of puregood
Silver bow
+1 shock scimitar of puregood rr dwf lvl 2
+3 shock scimitar of puregood rr dwf lvl 6
+5 flaming burst great club of vertigo 4 rr wf
+1 flaming bastard sword of disruption rr elf/drow

+5 dex boots with **** mod lvl 13
+6 dex gloves/heal 3 rr elf
+5 str bracers
+4 con belt rr dwf lvl 7
+4 resistance cloak
+4 resistance ring
+5 ac bracers

I have more, but can't remember the rest. PM me or post offer.