View Full Version : Dwarven Shield Mastery

08-08-2007, 08:31 PM
Since the new enhancements came in, I didn't get around to testing this but has someone checked to see if each rank of Shield Mastery increases the DR by just 1 or does it act like Toughness enhancements now

i.e. Rank 1 = +1 DR/-, Rank 2 then adds +2 ontop of the +1, Rank 3 adds +3 ontop of the current +3, etc.

If it progressively increased like just above, it rocks on still but if it doesn't.. then it ends up being expensive for 6 action points for only +3 DR..


EDIT: I also remember there being a Dev thread somewhere that explained Shield Damage Reduction and Shield Mastery, anyone know if that has been updated with the current enhancements rather than the old system?