View Full Version : You: Petite, vivacious, red, +6 CHA Cloak ...

08-08-2007, 01:10 PM
Me: a dimwitted bunch of **** to choose from.

All I am looking for is a +6 CHA cloak, if RR, must be elf or 17 or less UMD required.

Following is a fairly old list of stuff I have available for trade. It is color coded to annoy you specifically (you know who you are). If you have the cloak I am looking for and see something on this list please send a PM. Ridiculous offers are always entertaining.

Standard Weapons
N +1 Banishing Heavy Pick of Righteousness (ML 12)
N +3 Shock Heavy Mace of Greater Elf Bane (ML 12)
N +1 Axiomatic Burst Rapier of Enfeebling (ML 12)
U +3 Long Sword of Spell Penetration VII (ML 12)
S +1 Axiomatic Quarterstaff of Greater Human Bane (ML: 10)

Finesse Weapons
R +1 Banishing Light Mace of Deception (ML 12, DC 24, Dec 3)
R +4 True Chaos Light Pick of Shatter (ML 10, Shatter 2)
R +2 Spell Penetration VI Light Mace (ML 10)
N +1 Keen Shortsword of Greater Evil Outsider Bane (ML 6, RR: Human)
S +5 Axiomatic Light Mace (ML 12)
S +1 Paralyzing Light Mace of Weighted (ML 12, Weighted 1%)
S +5 Frost Light Mace of Righteousness (ML: 12)
S +2 Seeker Light Mace of Greater Human Bane (ML: 10, Seeker +2)
S +1 Holy Burst Short Sword (ML: 8)
S +1 Holy Burst Shortsword of Pure Good (ML: 10)
S +1 True Law Light Mace of Vertigo (ML: 12, Veritgo +10)

Ranged Weapons
R +1 Axiomatic Heavy XBow of Greater Elemental Bane (ML 10)
S +1 Keen Heavy Crossbow of Greater Dwarf Bane (ML: 8)
S +2 Acid Light Crossbow of Greater Construct Bane (ML: 10)
S +1 Paralyzing Great Crossbow (ML: 10)
S +1 Flaming Burst Heavy Crossbow of Righteousness (ML: 6)
S +1 Greater Potency II Heavy Crossbow of Greater Undead Bane (ML: 12)

N +5 Chain Shirt of Invulnerability
N +5 Lesser Lightning Guard Full Plate of Stability (ML 12)
U Sacred Robe of Heavy Fortification (ML )
S +5 Mithral Chain Shirt (ML: 8)

Stat Items
N +5 Wise Necklace of Eloquence (ML 11, Diplo 3, RR: Elf/Drow)
U +5 Ogre Power Belt of Lesser False Life (ML 13, Slight Damage)

R Ogre Power Belt (STR +6) **New
N Wisdom Tome + 1 **New
U Intelligents Tome +1 (x2) **New
R Ogre Power Gloves of Divine Power (ML 13, STR +1, 5 Charges)
U Gloves of Escape (ML: 11, Open Locks + 11)
U Charismatic Cloak of Resistance (ML 13, CHA +1, Resistance +4)
U Armored Bracers (ML 9, AC +5)
U Clever Googles (ML 11, INT +5)
U Dexterous Boots(ML 9, DEX +5, RR: Human)

08-09-2007, 06:41 AM
Through a miracle of drunken allegance, I am now able to offer a much expanded set of items in trade for the petite-vivacious-red-+6-CHA-cloak. If you've got a spare just send me a PM and I'm sure I can find you something of equal value in trade. Maybe even something you want.

08-10-2007, 12:08 PM
Red is no longer necessary. Still needs to be petite, vivacious, and +6 CHA though.

08-13-2007, 07:21 AM
Ok. Petite or just above is fine.

08-13-2007, 02:42 PM
Thank you for your interest. I was able to acquire exactly the cloak I was looking for! This trade thread is now closed.