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08-08-2007, 12:19 PM
There aren't too many things that I am still looking for, but I am willing to package multiple items together in order to get them. All this junk is spilling over the top of my bank slots, so Plat offers are welcome as well.

Looking for:
+3 or better bursting rapiers/shortswords of Pure Good
Disruption Maul
Phase Hammer
Piercing Banishers
Piercing Smiters
Vorpal Sickle
Armor Bracers +7
Wiz 5 or 6 Hat
Dex +6 Gloves
Con +6 Belt
Planar Girds

+1 True Law Composite Shortbow of Smiting
+1 Ghost Touch Composite Shortbow of Smiting
+2 Composite Longbow of Smiting

+1 Vorpal Kama - 3 Pts permadamage
+1 Kama of Smiting - 3 pts permadamage
+1 Paralyzing Kama of Pure Good
+1 Paralyzing Kama

+2 Silver Maul of Smiting

+1 Paralyzing Quarterstaff of Shatter +2
+1 Smiting Quarterstaff

+1 Paralyzing Dagger of Backstab +1
+1 Paralyzing Heavy Pick of Deception
+1 Paralyzing Club of Vertigo +2
+1 Paralyzing Light Mace of Vertigo +2

+1 Unholy Club
+4 Thundering Falchion of Greater Aberration Bane - Dwarf Only DC 22
+1 Anarchic Bastard Sword of Greater Human Bane - Dwarf Only DC 18
+1 Anarchic Light Mace of Greater Human Bane
+1 Seeker (+2) Composite Longbow of Greater Giant Bane
+2 Holy Light Mace of Greater Lawful Outsider Bane

+2 Flaming Kama of Greater Evil Outsider Bane
+2 Frost Kama of Greater Orc bane
+3 Shock Kama of Greater Human Bane
+1 Shocking Burst Kama of Greater Giant Bane

+5 Shocking Burst Light Mace
+5 Acid Short Sword of Backstab +1
+2 Holy Burst Flametouched Iron Short Sword of Tendon Slice 2%
+1 Body Feeder Dagger of Slowburst - WF Only DC 18

+4 Ghost Touch Dwarven Axe of Pure Good
+4 Holy GreatAxe of Pure Good PENDING TRADE

+1 Wounding Composite Longbow of Puncturing
+2 Shock Returning Throwing Hammer
+2 Holy Burst Longbow of Lessor Lawful Outsider Bane
+2 Weakening Light Reapeating Xbow of Pure Good

+6 Str Bracers x2
+6 Wis Necklace - Human Only DC 18
Cloak of Protection +5

Necklace of Bluffing +15 - Halfling Only DC 20
Ring of Swim +15 - Halfling Only DC 20
Ring of Jump +15 - Dwarf Only DC 20

+1 Cha Cloak of Res +4
Cloak of Greater Acid Resist
25% Striding Ring
Feather Falling Boots of Move Silent +10 - Human Only DC 18
Feather Falling Boots of Move Silently +11 - Elf/Drow Only DC 20
Feather Falling boots of Tumble +10
Disease Immunity Belt of Greater False Life
Belt of Greater False Life
Disease Immunity Ring of Improved False Life
+2 Con Ring of Improved False Life - Elf Drow Only DC 18
Belt of SR 19

Belt of Haste 3/rest
+1 Wis Necklace of Remove Curse 5/rest

Named Items
Dream Cloak
Cape of the Roc
Helm of Freewill
Death's Locket
Sirocco (2 pts perma damage)
Silken Mail

+4 Twilight Adamantine Chainshirt
+1 Twilight Mithral Chainshirt of Shadow
+2 Twilight Mithral Chainshirt of Charm Person 3/rest
+5 Hide Armor of Mod Fort
+4 Mithral FP
+2 Mithral Chainshirt
+4 Mithral Chainshirt
+2 Mithral Chainshirt of Spearblock

+5 Heavy Steel Shield of SR 15 - Halfling Only DC 22

Star of Irian 2 pts permadamage Original Version! Min Lvl 2
+1 Icy Burst Bastard Sword - Human Only DC 12 Min lvl 2
+5 Light Mithral Shield - Dwarf Only DC 16 Min lvl 6
+3 Str Gloves - Elf/Drow Only DC 12 Min Lvl 5
+4 Str Belt - Human Only Min Lvl 7 PENDING TRADE
+5 Heavy Steel Shield - Elf/Drow Only DC DC 16 Min Lvl 6
Belt of SR 19 - Halfling Only DC 16 Min Lvl 9
+1 Banishing Light Mace - WF Only DC 18 Min Lvl 8

08-09-2007, 10:17 AM
Update wants and a few items.

Bumpity bump bump bump!