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08-07-2007, 11:14 PM
Welcome to the Castle Ripped Dragon! One of the largest Guilds on what used to
be Fernia and now part of Ghallanda, The Ripped Dragons, are adding another wing
to our Guild castle, and we are looking to fill it. All are welcome to apply.

The Ripped Dragons are a Family Guild. An emphasis is put upon Friendship within
the guild. There are many friendly faces that roam the halls of our castle that are
always willing to help those in need.

In need of advise on arcane wizards? Lieam is always willing to give his advice freely
to those in need.Or maybe you have an interest in the Dragon magic of the
Sorcerer? Well Inci is there to help.

Our Church is open to all the religions of Eberron. Brandwarden will gladly show
new Paladins and Clerics around our Church.

The Training grounds have recently received a new upgrade in equipment. It is a
great place for Fighters, Barbarians and Rangers to train. You may see Endrik out in
the grounds raging against the dummies we have set up out there, but do not let his
Warforged visage scare you, his ‘bark’ is worse then his bite.

If you just wish to relax we do have an Inn filled with music. There you can hear the
amazing tunes of Basoom and Dilana and many of our other Bards. The competition
between them can become fierce but it is all done in fun and a great way for the
Bards to learn new tunes and stories.

Then of course you have me, Tolith, not only am I here to pass out current news on
to all but I am always willing help those in need of the finer points of the ‘sensitive
spots’ of what you may face out there in Xen’Drik and also the best ways to
‘procure treasure’ in your adventures.

We are also adding a Beautiful Grove with a Druid Ring and Monastery to our
grounds in the anticipation of Monks and Druids in the Near Future.

If you find you have an interest in our guild just follow the simple rules below.

Step 1. Go to our Guild Homepage Here (http://www.rippeddragon.com/manner/news.php)

Step 2. Click on the 'Sign up' link (in the log on part of the home page) to sign up
for the website. Please use the name of your main character in the game as your
'display name' at this site.

Step 3. You will be sent an email that you need to reply to so we can verify your
(This gives you access to more areas of the site.)

Step 4. Read the Guild By-Laws (http://www.rippeddragon.com/manner/page.php?5) and check out our Guild Ranks. (http://www.rippeddragon.com/manner/page.php?6)
(This is a requirement of joining the guild)

Step 5. Fill out and complete the join application (http://www.rippeddragon.com/manner/e107_plugins/jbapp/jbapp.php).

Step 6. Announce yourself in the 'Immigration Forum' here (http://www.rippeddragon.com/manner/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewforum.php?10). Tell us how you found
out about the Guild and if you have grouped with any Guild members.
(This also lets every one know you are interested in joining.)

Step 7. Get back in game and:
* Open the 'Who' list in the social panel;
* Sort the Who list by the 'Guild' Column (you click on the column heading).
* Find a Ripped Dragon member and send them a tell asking if an officer is on
who can invite you into the Guild.
* Send that officer a Tell and let them you have registered and verified on this
website and would like to be invited into the Guild.

(Note: If you are all ready a member but can not find your self in the Roster please
make sure you have completed the Join Application. It is now the only way to add
members to it.)

The Herald of the Ripped Dragons,
Tolith Bourn

08-30-2007, 07:44 AM
I am Arya, Empress of the Dragons. The castle is always open to friends with a warm bowl of stew and a cold ale. the bread is always fresh and the company always lively.
we keep a lovely castle and grounds for all to enjoy. The library is open with many interesting scrolls and books to read, feel free to check them out.
our message boards keep us informed on raids, adventures and fun activities. we have a section for DnD PnP questions and answers, a section for everyone to discuss their build ideas.
Your welcome to check us out and apply if you think your Dragon material.
see you soon.

09-08-2007, 02:01 PM
Hi my name is holmen,holmen rune i would like to join the guild the ripped dragons.
I am a level3 wizard going to become a level3 wizard and level1 paladin.
please send me mail in the game if i can join and if i dont get in please send mail any way.I think i would make a good member

10-09-2007, 10:28 AM

I am sorry if no one replied to you.

Just follow the directions in the original Post if you are interested in joining the guild.

Hope to see you soon!

10-09-2007, 10:33 AM
Good Guild, Good People. Always enjoy teaming with them.

10-09-2007, 10:49 AM
Good Guild, Good People. Always enjoy teaming with them.

Thanks Vinos!!

And we love grouping with you!