View Full Version : Why is it Turbine's position?

08-06-2007, 04:02 PM
I am wondering why is it Turbine's position to not reimburse items in game that are lost through mail or other bugs in the game? In fact, they will not even investigate your claim, they just give you a canned response that they cannot reimburse items in game that are lost? This is VERY infuriating (lost 3 items in the mail on the server merge day when Khyber crashed) and just plain poor customer service.

I would not be so angry if they had at least tried to investigate my claim. Something along the lines of, "We have looked into your claim and, unfortunately, were unable to verify the items lost through our archives. I am sorry, but we cannot reimburse you your lost items." Something to at least let me know that they tried and care about me as a customer.

I've played almost every MMO out there. WoW will at least investigate your claim. EQ2 will too. Why not DDO?

At this point I'm very upset, and not recommending DDO to any of my friends due to poor customer service issues.