View Full Version : sorc item guide

08-06-2007, 12:17 PM
have something handy that a lowby/highby sorc could get some benefit out of? post it here...

wand of melf's acid arrow -> you know those pesky kobold shaman/throwers that refuse to move but toss fire on you from above? hit them with this wand and then duck around the corner. i also use them against kobold sneaks by tabbing through them (soon to be fixed)

wand of remove curse -> ml5 MUCH cheaper than pots

haste scrolls -> if you've been around a while, you know when these come in handy. humorous when you pop it in waterworks so that the melees will go hog wild killing things. you can use them with a 50% chance at level 1, 40% at level 2, etc. i don't suggest you use them all the time, but they can seriously speed up quests and make normally tough spots in quests hilariously easy.

scrolls of heroism -> i used these on my battlemage to help find traps. same % to hit as haste.

wand of false life -> ooo, extra hit points. gotta have one of these

wand/pots of eagle's splendor -> nothing like increasing your DC by 2 at low levels. you want to keep this buff on at all times as a lowby.

wand/pot of mage armor -> long lasting buff. both are plentiful out of chests/boxes.

scrolls of summon monster X -> i personally like scrolling this spell over taking a slot. doggies and scorps are cheap and can save you by taking a ton of aggro.

wand of sleep -> this is one of the best low level wands around if you are careful - it lasts for a minute, there isn't a periodic savings throw, and it doesn't draw aggro. from max range, you can normally catch a lot of things unaware. my favorite is using it in stealthy repo on normal to cause the already asleep kobolds to stay that way.

wand of detect secret doors -> great for those cases when you either have no rogue or are as impatient as i am.

grievous dagger -> low level puncturing dagger. hold + puncturing = dead critter quick