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08-05-2007, 05:38 PM
I decided to re-title this thread so maybe some additional folks would read and comment. Still seeing stuff even the House D vendors would put on the bottom shelf show up here.

I peruse these forums alot and it seems that are about 10-15 of us "original" Ghallandans that post here frequently. There seems to be some nice activity from our new friends moving over from other servers as well.

After tiring of looking through the Auction House at all the +1 Anarchic Short Swords of Tendon Slice - I starting to see some stuff HERE of similar value. I thought, based on my extensive research and numerous trades (some successful, others not), that it was high time someone post a GUIDE to what seems to be of MOST interest to MOST of the folks who post here. I cannot speak for those who lurk and get involved in trades.

Based on my prevelent research on these forums, I'd say MOST folks would be MOST interested in:

Stat/Skill Items:
o any +6 stat items
o any +5 stat items that are lvl 11 and lower (for twink gear)
o any +4/5/6 stat items on non common items (ie, rings specifically)
o any Skill Attribute item that is +13 or better (ie, open lock, disable, perform, concentration, etc)


o any greater bane weaopns
o any +4/5 bursting weapons (with pure good an added benefit)
o bursting greater banes are VERY attractive
o Disruptors - any
o Vorpals - any. Though finessible (sickle, handaxe, kukri, throwing axe) are VERY valuable
o Paralyzers - meh, everyone has one, though can often be used to "sweeten" a deal
o Extended crit range simters (19-20 natural crit range)*
o Extended crit range banishers (19-20 natural crit range)*

* Note that Greataxes, despite their "20" Crit Range carry value, as most users have improved crit slash and Greataxes rock.

Other/Misc Items:

o Scales
o Greater False Life Items
o Heavy Fort items
o Greater Resist Items (Rings are very nice)
o Some of the uber named items (Kardin's Eye, Rez Rings, Girds, etc)
o Wild Armor (+4/5 Mithral with Fearsome or some such on it)
o Wiz 5+ Items
o Superior Devotion 7+
o Superior Potency 7+
o Greater/Superior Spell Pen 7+
o Tomes are covered very well in the Ghallanda server Tome exchange thread

Twink/Low Level Gear:

o Any Race Restricted (RR) Items that enable skills/stats/uber weapons to be used at premature levels. Note that your +1 Flaming Falchion of Tendon Slice, RR Warforged, Min level 6 would probably not qualify but your +1 Flaming Rapier of Pure Good, RR Drow, lvl 2 would be worth posting.

Anyway, just thought I'd throw this out there. Please offer additions to the list if I missed anything.

08-05-2007, 07:25 PM
Not much to comment on. The items that you have listed are all very nice :) While you do see items up for trade that make you scratch your head in puzzlement, most of the time you see good stuff up.

People do have to understand that different traders have different styles. Some (not many) would happily take 3 ok items for 1 great item, others will say no to any trade that does not give them exactly what they want. Both methods are equally valid. The hope is that both parties coming out of a trade walk away happy (yeah, perhaps a stretch but it would be nice)

Once people put up a trade list, they will quickly realize what trades and what does not ;P


08-05-2007, 07:55 PM
Depends on the character's build as well. A bludgeoning barbarian may want a q'staff. A fighter may be specced towards kukris. The wonder of this game is that pretty much anything is possible. It's all up to the player (and his/her gear!) It really isn't possible to make a one size fits all list.
How's that old adage go? One mans trash is another man's treasure? ;)


08-06-2007, 12:56 PM
I think 'most' players would desire exactly what your saying is 'most' wanted.

But I also know that continual tweaking of charater-- a wish for a new build, curious about someone elses build, the curious builder with his cleric/barabarian, the want of your own build to be the most uber it can be-- means a continual chang/upgrade to lower level weapons as characters are remade.

I wanted Warhammers/weighted. I found that I got some extremely nice level 4 stuff off the auction because people said to themselves 'hey I wonder if anyone wants these"--I did. But now trying to find level 6-9 stuff has become impossible and my character is struggling because of it, they're not being sold at house D. either. So where are they?

My main is a H-pick user. I have gotten pretty damn good deals off auction because I use H-pick rather then lets say khopesh. Ghost-touch disruptor Khopesh 20million gold/plats on auction... ghost touch disruptor H-pick 6-million gold on auction...

And that's why, on my trade list I ahve some lower level Items and some items that I know aren't the uber but perhaps someone who isn't maxed out or is playing a little wacked toon might find some of it useful -- axiomatic smiting great-club anyone??? There's no way i'm just going to vender it. But hell I might give it up for a 100k plats, maybe less... Then why not put it on auction? I might just be giving it some extra advertisement here.

I always find it interesting when someone wants to put rules on how things should be or lets discuss how things should be... How your character should be built. What Items should be on the auction house. Everyone should be given the oportunity to find what's works for them-- what trades and what doesn't.

Heck, lets talk about more important things: Please put in game character name on trade lists or wants so we can contact you in game for said item... or if you have more then 10weapons in a trade list then please consider puting in catagories of range, pierce, bludgeon, slash... Thank you.