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For Trade: and plz post here to if u want to make a trade


+1 vorpal khopesh
+1 Vorpal B.S.
+1 Vorpal B.S. or shatter +2
+1 vorpal scimitar
+5 holy B.S. of shatter +2
+1 crippling B.S. of greater undead bane
+4 acid B.S. of P.G.
+5 flaming burst B.S.
+4 shock B.S. or P.G.
+2 flaming B.S. of greater giant bane
+1 anarchic B.S. of greater lawful outsider bane
+1 flaming burst B.S. of greater evil outsider bane
+1 icy burst B.S. of giant bane (lvl 6 RR wf umd 16)
+3 crippling scimitar of greater evil outsider bane
+1 thundering scimitar of greater lawful outsider bane
+1 anarchic burst khopesh of evil outsider bane
+1 cursespewing khopesh of greater goblinoid bane
+3 G.T. battleaxe of greater animal bane
+2 longsword of greater dragon bane
+1 axiomatic sickle of greater dragon bane
+2 G.T. sickle of greater giant bane
Axe of the unseen blow
+1 para adimantine Kama
+2 thundering kukri of greater dragon bane
+3 flaming kukri of greater orc bane
+1 icy burst kukri of greater vermin bane
+5 flaming kukri of enfeebling (elf drow umd 22)
+1 para great sword of shatter +2
+1 seeker +2 greatsword of greater gnoll bane
+1 vicious greataxe of disruption
+1 anarchic greataxe of greater animal bane
+1 para falchion of maiming
+1 seeker 2 falchion of greater elemental bane


+1 banishing great club
+1 para great club of P.G.
+3 impact great club of greater undead bane
+2 para light mace
+2 banishing light mace x2
+1 holy light mace of greater giant bane
+1 para light mace of weighted 1%
+2 axiomatic light mace of greater aberration bane
+1 acid club of smiting
+1 para dark wood mace of backstabbing +1
+2 shock heavy mace of greater aberration bane
+1 flaming burst heavy mace of greater Ooze bane
+1 cursespuwing of greater animal bane


+1 banshing dagger
+1 banishing dagger of vertigo +2
+1 icy burst dagger of greater dragon bane
+1 frost dagger of greater elf bane
+1 crippling rapier of greater evil outsider bane
+1 rapier of greater undead bane


+1 axiomatic shotbow of greater undead bane
+1 seeker +4 shortbow of greater reptilian bane
+1 seeker +2 long bow of smiting
+2 para long bow
+1 para longbow
+1 banishing longbow
+2 holyburst composite longbow of P.G.
+2 densewood composite longbow of greater human bane
+1 thundering light xbow of smiting
+1 para light xbow
+3 acid light xbow of greater elemental bane
+1 crippling darkwood heavy xbow of smiting
+1 heavy xbow of smiting
+1 acid heavy xbow of smiting
+1 axiomatic burst heavy rep. xbow of puncturing
+1 axiomatic rep. light xbow of greater dwarf bane
+2 G.T. rep light xbow of greater monstrous humanoid bane
+2 G.T. rep, light xbow of P.G.

returners:TA=throwing Axe, TH=throwing hammer, TD=throwing dagger

+1 smiting T.A
Chill Shard
+4 flame touched iron TA no min lvl
+3 icy burst TH of deception
+3 ghost touched dart of picturing
+1 axiomatic burst TA of PG
+1 axiomatic burst TH of PG
+1 cursespewing TA of everbright
+3 shocking burst TD of sneak attack +!
+2 Antarctic Dart of enfeebling
+3 true chaos TH of of enfeebling
+4 ghost touch TA of PG
+2 cursespewing TA of righteousness
+1 str sapping dart of PG


+5 mithral F.P.
+5 mithral BP
+5 mithral CS x2
+5 blueshine adamantine F.P.
argenti's armor
docent of quicking x2


+5 prot cloak
+5 prot neck
+5 prot ring
+6 char helm (lamp shade)
royal guard mask x2
inferno bracers x2
bracers of solid fog 5x per day
bracers of repairing +15 rr wf
necklace of solid fog 5x per day
jorgundal's collar
ancient ban
electric haze
+6 str belt for +6 str gloves or ring
gloves of forgotten craft
banner cloak
giantcraft siberys compass x2
gloves of gnoll hide

what nots

576 screaming amnethyst arrows


shield pices 3-4 5-6
tome pages IV VI
+4 or better burst of rightesness heavy and light picks
off handed slashing vorpol, disrupter, and smiter
kopeshs and kukri's burst of pg +3 or better
rings of greater false life
wizardry 5+ items
sup potency of devtion ring greater 6 or better
black scales
and of course cold hard cash

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updated with new items

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Have scales (1 in each color) although the black may be spoken for. What are you willing to trade?

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pm sent

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PM sent.

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up dated and new items added

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I'd be willin to trade a wiz 5 helm and 4 scales or a wiz 5 helm and a +3 flaming burst khopesh of pure good for the +5 prot ring....

send tell to pinga, stagg or foxlee....

im usually on after 4pm est

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PMed ya

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