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08-04-2007, 03:09 PM
I am rebuilding Titania for about the 5th time, trying to come up with a build that I am happy with. The purpose of posting this admittingly unoriginal build is to get feedback that all my premises are correct and I am not gimping myself. So here it is:

Race Drow [Because of cheaper stat buy and ability to finese short swords]

11 Ranger/2 Paladin/1 Rogue

Str 13 [+5 item = 18]
Dex 18 [+2 elf +2 tome +3 Ranger +3 levels +4 item = 34]
Con 7 [+5 item =12]
Int 16
Wis 9 [+5 item =14]
Char 15 [+5 item =20]

Level 1 : UMD
Level 3: Weapon Finesse
Level 6: Percision [*edited leaning toward power attack vs damage reduction]
Level 9: Improved critical piercing
Level 12: Improved critical ranged

Skillz: Max ranks in DD, UMD, Search, Spot, {edit: max OL}, Jump

1. The reason for drow and not elf is that although elf enhancements for ranged are superior, the drow gets enhancements for rapier and shortsword. This means that the off hand finesse will also get racial bonuses.
2. Although there is a nerf to stat damaging, puncturing will still work on damage reduction mobs
3. Regading wisdom: 9 is low but that is all I can afford without gimping strength. The plus 3 wis item I have will tide me over until I have a plus 5 item, but Im not sure what will happen in regards to level 5 spells if those are ever available and if rangers even get level 5 spells.
4. Regarding con: All I can afford. If I take too much damage I will tumble away and range.
5. Regarding Char: the most I can afford, giving me boosts to saves, ranger pets, and UMD.
6. Regarding Itelligence: Critical for rogue skills and point buying.
7. Regarding Strength: Most I can afford. I already have a strength ranger who was just nerfed in the barbarian enhancement department. Now I have an extra level of barbarian I neither want or need.

Experienced rangers please comment or even flame


08-04-2007, 03:10 PM
Posted by Gangwulf: Spiff,

I think a 13 ranger / 1 rogue 32 build elf could get almost equal saves / skills as this build, with MUCH better enhancmenets, mana, hp and spell levels.

You would lose a tiny bit of UMD, but still.

Also, your Str is way too high. You can actually dump stat it.

You're going to do like 5 damage a hit with precision on. Your str is totally irrelevant.

Not every build needs 2 Pally levels to get good saves, Spiff.


08-04-2007, 03:11 PM
posted by Valse:


I just hit lvl 12 with my version of what you are planning. Niteshade is 1 rogue/2 pally/9 ranger (rest Ranger after caps). I have had nothing but fun with this build. At lvl 12 I have spot, search, disbale and umd all maxed and open lock has about 8 ranks in it ( with dex I can still open Chains elite Chests with a +10 open lock item) Umd sits at a 23 unbuffed. I went a tad different on stats.
11 str
18 dex
9 con
14 int
10 wis (?)
15 Cha

Currently I have at 12

16 str
32 dex
14 con
20 int
12 wis
22 cha

saves with a +3 resistance item are 21 Fort/28reflex/13 will (+2 for being elf so actually 15)

Evasion was a pain to wait for since I didn't ge it until lvl 12 but the wait was worth it not to splash a extra rogue lvl. I really thought about taking another pally lvl at 13 or 14 for the fear immun and diease immun, but I want precise shot and improved precise shot more. This build went full ranged with shot on the run and improved crit range.

If any questions give me a yell or if your on Adar shoot me a /tell.

08-04-2007, 03:12 PM
What Valse says above sounds pretty good. What Gangwulf says is not very accurate...

Start with INT 12 or 14 and CHA 14. The extra points spent to get those higher is not worth it for your build.

Start with at least CON 11 and WIS 10. WIS 11 is useful as a Tome +1 brings you to 12 and then no +WIS item is needed to cast Barkskin.

Hit Points and Fort saves (especially) do matter. So don't gimp them. A paladin or ranger is the ideal character to get the aggro from dangerous spell-using creatures. Need Hit Points & Saves to best survive the retaliation.

Avoid taking Precision as long as possible. You certainly will not need it before 6th level, and possibly never.

Perhaps the most important advice: Don't try to be "good at everything" a rogue, paladin and ranger can do, all on the same character. you will have to pick some themes and focus on them. Based on your feats, it looks like a combat build that alternates between ranged and then burst-critical weapons or special-ability weapons.

You will have good saves and a fairly useful rogue skill-mix, at least for the low and middle levels. At higher levels you would have to invest a lot into enhancements just to be able to Spot and Search the more difficult traps. Having a 16 INT vs a 14 is not often going to make the difference. You want to have skills in the +30s, self-buffed, if you have any intention of being an elite trapsmith. You'll also need Reflex around +28. More dedicated Rogues can use the Uncanny Dodge boost & Improved Evasion to survive the deadliest of traps to get to the trap box. You won't have that.

Decent Strength, so you will not be lacking for damage, but as Gangwulfe says, if you have Precision ON, the damage benefits of STR are severely diminished. Having some extra STR is not worth crippling your Fort & Will Saves though.

If you decide to go with low-average WIS, don't be the type of warrior that expects others to Remove Curse on you, as it will happen a Lot! Bring lots of Remove Curse potions. Buy the Elven Enchantment Resistance & Spell Resistance enhancements for low level, to survive Hold Person better. You can get rid of it later.

08-04-2007, 03:13 PM
If you were going to go elf, I would highly recommend dropping Dex down at 18. Basically you need EVERY attribute for this skill, so you aren't gonna be wanting to spend max points in dex, when an 18 will give you 1 less reflex, and 1 less to hit, which can be made up by the elven bow enhancements, and with paladin I don't think that your saves will be a problem. I would recommend something like this.


Str - 10 (+4 item, gets you to 14, plenty for a ranger) 14
Dex - 18 (+4 item, 3 from levels, 5 enhancements) 30
Con - 11 (This is where a lot of rangers lack... if you have a +5 con item, I would go with 11) 16
Int - 15 (if you have an intel tome that is great, if you don't, might want to consider 16 int[drop maybe con?]) 20
Wis - 10 (+4 item gets you access to the level 4 spells, and a BAM helm gets you access to level 2 and under spells, which is what you will have for a majority of the time)
Cha - 13 (+1 enhancement, +4 item, your at 18)

So your ending are gonna look like this.

Str - 14
Dex - 30
Con - 16
Int - 20
Wis - 12 (14?)
Cha - 18

Very strong for a MC ranger, you will have some good skill points, and DD/search, etc. Also might want to consider ditching WF: Pierce and grabbing a SF:UMD/DD/Search or something along those lines

08-04-2007, 03:14 PM

How about for a 13 / 1 elf you go

10, 18, 12, 14, 14, 10

Modified with chinky high level gear,

16, 34, 18, 14, 20, 16

1 less damage -- yes the difference in damage it TOTALLY irrelevant.
same dex
a lot more hp
almost the same skills (the difference in 2 ranger levels over the pal levels makes up for the 1 less point a level)
a lot more mana, and spell levels / spells
2 less UMD

You get better enchantments.
You can cast much better
Your Reflex save is capped at 30 either way, so thats a wash.
Your fort and will get almost all of the + 5 you lost back by haveing a much higher con and wisdom, not to mention you can get elf enhancments to make it higher.

The basic aura does not matter, because just about everyone has one theese days.

The point is Spiff, it might not be as absolutely perfect as the first build, but it shines in other ways.

I think the extra HP and Mana and better enchantments more than make up for the tiny loss of saves and damage.

And most importantly, it does not need to take the 2 Pally levels like every other single build you see out there.


08-04-2007, 03:14 PM
Gang your comments are compelling, almost. I went back and did a save comparison: My base stats give 11/18/6 and yours yield 7/15/5.

The difference is when we gear up. You with plus 6 items and me with plus 5. You add Plus 6 stat enhancers to dex, con, and wisdom and the mummified bat to give you 13/21/11.

Now I do the same, plus I add a plus 5 charisma cloak and get 19/26/14.

Now the fort save is plus 5 in my favor. You have enough reflex save for evasion, barely. Reflex is a significant +5. The will save advantage is only 3 at a cost of 26 hp. Both of us will have Elven enchantment resistance. The drow will also have spell resistance, but this has nothing to do with paladin levels.

Now 26hp is a 5th of the total and this is fairly large. But saves are greater than AC and AC is greater than hp.

Now 26 hp is two toughness feats. And to get the extra saves you would need luck of the heros, iron will, rapid reflexes, fort enhancement, and still be short by 2 reflex and 2 fort save. So the feat equivalet advantage for paladin is about 4 to 2 using this logic. Although sp might be equal to another feat, though I doubt it, giving me a plus one feat [equivalant] advantage which is marginal.

You have proved that you can do without the levels of paladin, but havent convinced to actually do so since the downside isn't that much and the upside while not overpowering is substantial. [I understand that Rangers are feat poor at the higher levels anyway, so not much will be lost at level 20].

Regarding strength, although I am tempted to gimp strength and boost con or wisdom I believe the new damage reduction rulz for stat damagers prohibits me from doing this. Only time will tell.

08-04-2007, 03:15 PM
few smaller points:

1) What Tavok said. Unless you have already started the character - go 15 INT and get the +1 INT tome. Be sure to use it before you hit level 2 - might take a bit of cash or items to trade for one - but you will get a lot of use out of the extra skill point each level.

2) What Tavok said. SF: UMD will be worth more to you than the weapon focus pierce - especially early on. Switch it out later if you get UMD high enough that it is not needed.

3) keeping Wisdom at 9 is fine. Just be sure to have a good spot item.

4) Personally i think stat damaging builds with super low strength are gong to fade away over the next few levels - so don't gimp your strength! - Your comment in justifying the lower wisdom is spot on. If anything try and hit STR 14 (with +1 Tome and +5 item this becomes a 20). Maybe I'll be proven wrong...

5) What winsom said. Drop precision until you think you need it, but honestly - with that sort of build I don't think you will need it.

Big question:

1) Are you sure going for Drow is better than Elf? From my point of view - as an Elf you get the three most useful boosts to your Ranger: Dexterity/ Rapier/ and Bow. And the rapier is just that much better than a short sword.

At any rate -looks like an overall good plan! Best of luck


08-04-2007, 03:15 PM

I do not know where your math is comeing from...

Your basic saves, for class only is...


Mine is


Both equal exactly 22 points of saves.

Your saves modified for stats ONLY is


Mine are


Both will cap their resists at 30 for reflex, so only fort and will will be of concern.

I am missing 4 saves off your total.

Assumeing, that one day you are lv 20, those 4 saves will be made up by then, because of rangers getting 2 good basic saves, instead of only 1.

As for HP, the differnce between an 18 and 12 is 3 HP per level, or 52 HP. BUT, you get only 8 for the ranger levels, instead of 10, so you I am at a grand total of 48 more. That is a substansial difference.

The mana difference will be most likeley around 200 or so. 2 mana levels, a bigger mana enhancmenet, and a much higher wisdom.

Rangers get the sheild proficiency, by the way, if you are concerned about that.

And as others have said before, Elves get a MUCH better enhancmeent list, for what you are trying to accomplish I feel.

Oh, and By the way, I am useing + 5 gear, and + 1 tomes to get those numbers, since you were adding high end gear.


08-04-2007, 03:18 PM
Ok, I upgraded my character planner and here are that stat comparisons for Titania as a drow 11/2/1 and as a Elf 13/1:

Elf ***** Drow
Start ; Finish * Start ; Finish
14 . 14 * 13 . 13
18 . 26 * 18 . 26
11 . 11 * 07 . 07
14 . 14 * 16 . 16
13 . 13 * 09 . 09
08 . 08 * 15 . 16

Hit points
130 * 106

8/18/5 [11/21/8] * 13/22/7 [18/27/12]

3rd level spells
yes * yes

220 * 130

UMD [with skill focus UMD for both]
19 * 23

So once everyone is geared with plus 5 items and no tomes (reason: tomes do not stack and I want plus 2 tomes eventually) then the drow version has save advantages 7 for fort, 6 for dex (the elf will reach the cap later) and 4 for will.
[Feat equivalent advantage: 5 for the drow version]

Elf gets 24 for hp ****Now I know that Gangwulf is squeezing in 2 more con from a basis point and a +1 tome, but this advantage goes away if I find a plus 2 tome, very possible in the upcoming content.******
[Feat equivalent of two toughnesses for a 2 feat equivalent advantage]

Elf gets about 100 more sp. [or two mental toughess, if you round up, for a two feat equivalent edge to the elf]

Elf gets bow enhancements, and rapier. Drow gets rapier and shortsword, and spell resistance [Lets call this a wash, even though the drow has a slight edge]

Drow has extra UMD, about over 1 feat equivalent. We will cancel this out versus Elf extra spell slots. This is a wash.

Drow gets one extra dc to search and DD. Not a big deal.

The drow still edges the elf by two feat equivalents. Not gamebreaking, but...

With the mummified bat the drow will have a will save of 15 vs 11 for the elf.
This is really where it comes down to, since I am rerolling d/t poor will save performance. Perhaps if I were to roll an elf I would swap out UMD for Iron will.

08-04-2007, 03:19 PM
Fortitude is the most important save, followed closely by Reflex. If you are like me and would rather not rely on Raise Dead as the solution to bad rolls, then its more fun not to die to Disintegrate, Horrid Wilting, and Finger of Death. A "1" will hopefully be the only "bad roll".

When I see "Paladin" or someone with a lot of levels of Fighter or Ranger, I expect them to kill the Beholder or High Priest so classes with worse saves don't have to risk more than a few seconds of exposure. Some rangers have kinda crappy Fort because they gimped their CON score unfortunately, but your build will be better than that.

Drow is definately the best choice for a Paladin/Rogue/x multiclass. Racial increases to INT and CHA. You can actually start with a 15 or 16 CHA and it won't cost you double points like other races. Same with INT.

I made a post earlier about it not being worth the build points to start with above 14s. I wasn't thinking about drow race when I suggested that. It still might not be needed to start with more than 14, but at least as a drow it won't cost you extra!

Originally Posted by Averla
If anything try and hit STR 14 (with +1 Tome and +5 item this becomes a 20).

Or you can rely upon the +6 Belt from the Dragon raid. Can take quite a few raids to get it though... I expect +2 Tomes to become a bit more obtainable with increased power from MOD 4. They still might be Raid-Only loot, unfortunately, but raids will be easier at 14th with level 12+ gear.

Originally Posted by Gangwulfe
Your reflex save is capped, and you will hit always anyways. Take the HP.

What does that mean? Does DDO set a maximum save of +30 ?

08-04-2007, 03:20 PM
Originally Posted by Gangwulfe
If you put the stats where I put them, its a lot more even...



And truth be told, I would drop 2 level points from dex, and put them in con to give you more hp.

Your reflex save is capped, and you will hit always anyways. Take the HP.

/end Gangwulfe

Thats how I would put the points, given that +1 tomes don't stack. Anyway odd items give an imediae boost starting from +1 (except for intellligence and skill points).

I have taken home the message of how important wisdom is. The problem is the only place I feel I can steal points is strength, and with the coming damage reduction stat damage nerf I am hesitant to do this. Or perhaps the 2 extra damage I lose won't matter anyway?

08-04-2007, 03:21 PM
Originally Posted by spifflove
Well there seems to be a push away from min/max theory, doesnt there?
/end spifflove

begin winsom:
I consider min/max to be picking 1 or 2 scores and starting them at 18 (20). I've never favored that method because it makes some very low dump stats that end up making for low saves. I see offensive spell-casters as being more important to min/max the INT or CHA. I am currently playing a 28 point D&D wizard that started with an 18 INT. I think the character would work just as well if I started with a 17 but I did not have a good plan to spend the savings of 3 character points. Two more WIS and 1 more point of what? So I started with 18.

I have done a lot of thinking about Elf Ranger/Fighter builds. I considered Drow, especially since I wanted INT 13, but ended up going with Elf for the Bow & Longsword bonuses. With a relatively-high STR ranger build, I think it is important to take advantage of not being restricted to Finessable weapons, so the longsword enhancements are a great bonus.

You might be interested in the saving throws section. I wish I could raise the saves some more, but that goal doesn't match my goal of also having a high Strength combatant. I'd hope that someone else play the high-saves character so I can be the damage dealer and not have to be the best survivor on the team. I considered lowering STR some, raising CHA, then adding 2 paladin levels, but that defeats the purpose of getting to Fighter 8th for lots of bonus feats, improved enhancements and Greater Weapon Focus. One character can not "do it all". Accept some weakness and try to build around it so it is not a fatal weakness, is my strategy.

08-04-2007, 03:22 PM
Originally Posted by spifflove
11 Ranger/2 Paladin/1 Rogue

Str 13 [+5 item = 18]
Dex 18 [+2 elf +2 tome +3 Ranger +3 levels +4 item = 34]
Con 7 [+5 item =12]
Int 16
Wis 9 [+5 item =14]
Char 15 [+5 item =20]
/end spiff

/begin Jay

I would definitely drop INT and raise CON. Search is a class skill on your Ranger levels. With 12 INT you can max Search UMD DD OL. I also woudnt wear an INT item full time - gear swap it or use a pair of 5X clickies.

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04-09-2007, 09:29 PM
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OK I'm going to assume you already have all the spiffy +5 stat gear you'll need for this build. Also you didn't post your level progression so I'm going to assume 1 Rogue, 9 Ranger, 1 Paladin, 1 Ranger, 1 Paladin, 1 Ranger.

Personally I'd drop your Dex down to 16 (You'll still wind up with a 30 dex easily) (16 +3 Level +3 Ranger +2 Drow +2 Tome +4 Item) and boost your CON to 11. The 28 extra HP and +2 to your fort save will make a difference.
/end jay

/begin Quantum fx
I would ignore Jaysensen's misguided advice about your INT score. (Unless you happen to have a +2 INT tome lying about.) When you start taking paladin levels you'll need the extra skill points to make up for the loss. Also you'll have to spend more AP's to get your search skill up.

You could take the paladin levels earlier in your career to mitigate this but it offsets your evasion feat and enhancements.

With shortswords and rapiers you will have a +3 to hit. Why bother with precision if that's the case? CE will allow you to turn your super high BAB into AC for the really nasty mobs. Power attack will allow you to turn it into damage for foes with high DR.

08-04-2007, 03:22 PM

The only important question for Elf vs Drow are:

1) do you have better Rapiers or Longswords?
2) can you trade for LS or Rapiers more easily?

But if you are min/maxing, Dorfs win over either.

My new Drow Ranger, Raquelle, will be 11Ra/2P/1Ro. Instead of finesse, I went Str. I went Drow because 1) I like the way they look 2) I have some of the best rapiers on the entire Server.

I initially missed Gang's point about saves. I would like to point out that the two Pallie levels do allow you to benefit from a CHA item as almost a second reistance item. If ya got the item slots its a consideration. Better? IDK. Viable. Abo****ely.

08-04-2007, 03:25 PM
Originally Posted by QuantumFX
I would ignore Jaysensen's misguided advice about your INT score. (Unless you happen to have a +2 INT tome lying about.) When you start taking paladin levels you'll need the extra skill points to make up for the loss. Also you'll have to spend more AP's to get your search skill up.
/end quantum
/begin jay
No need to be a ****, Quantumfx. It is my opinion, and I am 1) entitled to it, and 2) I HAVE a L9 [edit: typed 12 - its acutally 9) Ranger/Rogue who will have two levels of Pally. So I can post something based on my experience. Do you have one?

OP: Unless you are good at avoiding blows, have a fast connection, and amazing PC, dont gimp your CON. Even with a GFL ring, youll regret 7 CON. Unless you group with superior clerics.

A few less points in OL isnt the end of the world. At L9, Raquelle has hit the chest in Chains on Elite.

AND, in case it makes a difference, from what people tell me, unbound +2 tomes will drop again starting this week.

08-04-2007, 03:28 PM
I thought of annohter eason I do not like the Pally levels.

I lose a gear slot.

With the Pally levels, now I got to use a CHA item.

What slot is it in?

Hat most likeley? (Back = resistance, rings are invaders and protection most likely)

So what am I loseing out of my hat slot that I could have?

I know my characters who heal, use this slot for my devotion item.

So yeah... I do not like takeing Pally levels for that reason also.


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04-10-2007, 03:01 PM
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/end gang
/begin jay
Since the Invaders Ring is Natural AC and Balance, he probably wont need it. Gangwulf brings upa great point though. Count out the items you want to wear and make sure you got available slots.

Oh, and dont go less than 12 STR starting. You can only pick up one piece of armor while looting if you do, unless you use a +2 STR Tome. Also, one Ray of Enfeeblement leaves you encumbered, dropping your Max Dex bonus. You need 13 including Inherent to pick up Power Attack, as an option. If you plan to use Stat Damagers on Render-class mobs, you probably need Power Attack. I havent tried it, so I cant say if its enough to beat the DR or not. On Elementals, just curse them and move on.
/end jay
/begin gang

I totally forgot the invaders ring was natural ac.

Shows how much I know about Rangers.


08-04-2007, 03:29 PM
Drow Strength Build Should be Considered


Level 14 Lawful Good Drow Male
(2 Paladin / 1 Rogue / 11 Ranger)

Strength 26 (16 + 2 favor tome +3level +5item)
Dexterity 22 (11 + 1 tome + 5 enh + 5 item)
Constitution 16 (12 + 4 spell)
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 16 (10 + 1 tome + 5 item)
Charisma 22 (15 + 1 enh. + 1 tome + 5 item)

Level 1 (Rogue), 2-10 Ranger,11,12 Paladin, 13,14 Ranger

Power Attack
Favored Enemy: Undead
Weapon Focus: Piercing Weapons
Favored Enemy: Elf
Mental Toughness (very open)
Improved Critical: Piercing Weapons
Toughness (also open but this build lacks hp)
Favored Enemy: XXX

End up with max DD, Search, Spot, and UMD, with OL 3 levels behind but still respectable and fine in most cases. The rest to taste…

Take all of the dex. enhancements and the paladin charisma. Also take the Drow melee attack and damage. I would take the paladin toughness for 5 extra hp, and some of the skill enhancements for open lock, disable device, search, and spot. You can also take the ranger skill boost enhancement to max for better disabling etc…

This is in my opinion better than a dex based build, relying on str based damage for melee doesn’t rely on any special weapons other than a pair of +5 rapier/shortsword for good solid damage. With the Drow rapier/shortsword enhancements a rapier beats the Kopesh in damage output assuming improved critical for both and a 10 to hit plus when dual wielding this build will be putting out major damage to anything not resistant to piercing weapons and criticals. If you throw out the +1 tome and +5 stat item to a +4 item then obviously just adjust the scores down but still effective.

08-04-2007, 03:29 PM
Character Plan by DDO Character Planner Version 2.40
DDO Character Planner Home Page

Level 14 Lawful Good Human Male
(3 Paladin \ 1 Rogue \ 10 Ranger)
Hit Points: 164
Spell Points: 80
BAB: 13\13\18\23
Fortitude: 17
Reflex: 18
Will: 9

Starting Feat/Enhancement
Base Stats Modified Stats
Abilities (Level 1) (Level 14)
Strength 14 18 (+2 Favor Tome, +6 Item = 26)
Dexterity 14 17 (+5 Item or +1 Tome & +4 Item = 22)
Constitution 14 14 (+4 Item = 18)
Intelligence 14 14
Wisdom 10 10 (+1 Tome & +5 Item or +6 Item = 16)
Charisma 14 16 (+1 Tome & +5 Item or +6 Item = 22)

Starting Feat/Enhancement
Base Skills Modified Skills
Skills (Level 1) (Level 14)
Balance 6 7
Bluff 2 3
Concentration 2 2
Diplomacy 2 3
Disable Device 6 20
Haggle 6 7
Heal 0 0
Hide 6 7
Intimidate 2 3
Jump 6 9
Listen 0 0
Move Silently 6 7
Open Lock 6 20
Perform n/a n/a
Repair 2 2
Search 6 21
Spot 4 19
Swim 2 4
Tumble 6 7
Use Magic Device 6 20

Notable Equipment

Level 1 (Rogue)
Feat: (Selected) Power Attack
Feat: (Human Bonus) Skill Focus: Roundabout depending on Turbine Dev whims.

Level 2 (Paladin)

Level 3 (Ranger)
Feat: (Selected) Dodge
Feat: (Favored Enemy) Favored Enemy: Undead

Level 4 (Ranger)

Level 5 (Ranger)

Level 6 (Paladin)
Feat: (Selected) Combat Expertise

Level 7 (Ranger)

Level 8 (Ranger)
Feat: (Favored Enemy) Favored Enemy: Evil Outsider

Level 9 (Ranger)
Feat: (Selected) Improved Critical: Peircing Weapons

Level 10 (Paladin)

Level 11 (Ranger)

Level 12 (Ranger)

Level 13 (Ranger)

Level 14 (Ranger)
Feat: (Favored Enemy) Favored Enemy: Aberration

Enhancement: Paladin Armor Class Boost I
Enhancement: Paladin Attack Boost I
Enhancement: Paladin Saves Boost I
Enhancement: Ranger Skill Boost IV
Enhancement: Human Adaptability Charisma II
Enhancement: Human Adaptability Strength I
Enhancement: Human Versatility IV
Enhancement: Ranger Search II
Enhancement: Ranger Spot II
Enhancement: Paladin Charisma I
Enhancement: Ranger Dexterity III

08-04-2007, 03:30 PM
EinarMal - Other than we'll hear more "Go Ugly or Go Home!" or "Go Dandeloin Eater or Go Home" comments...

Humans should also be considered for the STR build. Below is my comparison build. I'm considering a 10 Ranger/3 Paladin/1 Rogue just for futureproofing purposes. (I'd rather take the skill/2WF hit early in my career.) You could do this split with a drow and take Greater 2 Weapon Fighting and respec it when level 15 becomes available. (I've read that dragon favor will net you a dragon shard.)

At lower levels you'd have the advantage of not taking a penalty to your Skill action boost and can fill out that suit of Mithril Full Plate even if Turbine fixes evasion. Depending on which way the skill necessity pendulium swings you have access to an extra feat for skill focus.

The trade off at end game:

vs. Drow:
Advantages - More HP, Better Fort Save, Higher Base stats, Access to more feats (Not just the Human bonus feat this PC could do the spring attack chain if it wanted to.), Double Skill Action Boosts.
Disadvantages - No Enchantment Resistance, lesser BAB with Shortswords/rapiers, Less AP investment for Spot/Search. SR is a wash cause it's useless @ high levels and clerics will have Mass SR to cast on the group.

vs. Dorf: (Honestly Not sure a Dorf could take advantage of the +3 Pally levels. Would rather see +2 Fighter or Barbarian levels.)
Advantages - Higher CHA, More skill points, More feats, Double Skill Action Boosts.
Disadvantages - Possible higher CON depending on build/enhancement buy, No Dorf Spell Save Buff, potential +4 to standing AC in Mithril Full Plate, No Axe enhancements.