View Full Version : Storm Riders guild recruiting

08-04-2007, 09:37 AM
Hello all, I would like to introduce our guild the Storm Riders (formerly of Aundair) to all of you... we are recruiting all classes

we are currently looking to grow our numbers and add some good people who like to have a good time. we stress playing the character you want to play,not just the most powerful build....all builds welcomed...

we try to do about everyquest and have fun, not just the most popular ones, we try to get all guild groups but welcome pugs...

we welcome battleclerics, dwarven bards, necromancers, etc.... we believe any build can be sucessful as long as you play smart....one thing we stress is that each player be as independant as possible, i.e. useing healing potions, resist pots, barkskins...anything we can do to help out the group, especially the cleric....

we are very cleric friendly, we keep our clerics supplied with wands and plat,
and we do not expect healbots from our clerics, clerics are more than that, we love soundbursts,flamestrikes, and cometfalls, etc..
we try to get members to have at least one healer character so we can take turns be "main" healer, not healbot...just to help out with most of the healing, since the party is usually pretty self sufficent (see above)
sorry for the long post, but i think it describes us, hope to see you all in game