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08-03-2007, 07:14 PM
Created this list to market the nice, useable stuff, for those people who arent obsessed with oober only :)

+1 Anarchic Ssword Grtr Monster Humnd Bane L10
+3 Dagger Grtr Evil Outsider Bane L10
+3 Frost Dagger Grtr Human Bane L12
+1 Frost Kukri Grtr Human Bane L8
+1 Light Mace Destruction RRhuman DC16 L6
+1 Holy Light Mace Grtr Halfling Bane L10
+1 Holy Light Mace Grtr Evil Outsider Bane L10
+2 Icy Burst Rapier PG DC20 L8
+3 Holy Cold Iron Rapier Decption L10
+4 Cold Iron Rapier PG (tyrzza's Bane) DC20 L8
+2 Flaming Light Pcik of Grtr Gnoll Bane L10
+2 Acid Light Pick Grtr Goblin Bane L10
+3 Acid Light Pick Grtr Goblin Bane L12
+1 Anarchic Burst Cold Iron Light Pick PG DC20 L10

+1 GrtSwrd Grtr Elf Bane L6
+1 GrtSwrd Grtr Giant Bane L6
+1 GrtAxe Grtr Magic Beast Bane L6
+1 GrtAxe Grtr Human Bane L6
+1 GrtAxe Grtr Construct Bane L6
+1 GrtAxe Weakening/Enfeebling L10
+3 Crippling GrtAxe Grtr Halfling Bane L12
+3 Crippling GrtAxe Grtr Dwarf Bane L12
+3 Crippling GrtSwrd Slowburst RRhalfling DC18 L8

+4 Shocking Burst Bswrd L10
+1 Holy Burst Cold Iron Bswrd L10
+4 Cold Iron GrtAxe PG (Prysuul's Bane) DC20 L8
+2 Seeker2 Grtr Dwarf Bane Bswrd L10
+1 Crippling Bswrd Grtr Gnoll Bane L8

Stuff that'd interest me;
X5 Haste clickies (including robes)
Equivalents to alot of the above stuff on rapiers & LongBows
(approximate, not looking for oobers for this stuff)
If all ya got are scales and ya dont need 1 of em.. offer that! :)
Feel free to toss anything interesting at me, who knows? :)

Lots more coming I'll add and update as time permits

08-04-2007, 03:19 PM
Updating tonight