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08-03-2007, 05:15 PM
Welcome to Siluss's Shack. Your place for that which perhaps you'd rather trade for than wait to pull.

Platinum offers will be entertained, especialy on the ubers and nicer Items. Offers for such items can be made in incriments of 200k.

I wouldn't mind, at all, building my gold coffers back up. Been running a cleric and several new toons and the cost is great.


+1 Paralizing Lonsword of Deception ML-10 RR-Dwarf DC-20
+1 Banishing Club of Righteousness ML-10 RR-1/2 DC-20
+2 Paralizing Greatsword ML-12
+2 Paralizing Dwarven Axe of Shatter +4 ML-14 RR-Human DC-24
+1 Paralizing Greatsword of Shattermantle ML-10 RR-WF DC-20


Mantle of Dragon Friend (Charisma +5 and Diplomicy +7) CLOAK ML-13
Allegience (+5 Khopesh of Elf Bane and Khopesh Proficiency) ML-12
Royal Scimitar (+3 Keen and Destruction)
White Dragon Helm (+5 Strength and Cone of COld 1/rest)


+1 Anarchic Greataxe of Greater Elemental Bane ML-10 SORRY ITEM TRADED
+3 Crippling Longsword of Construct Bane ML-8 RR-WF DC-18 SORRY ITEM TRADED
+4 Axiomatic Battleaxe of Greater Orc Bane ML-14 RR-1/2 DC-24
+4 Longsword of Lesser Dragon Bane ML-8
+3 Falchion of Greater Monstrous Huminoid Bane ML-10
+1 Holy Khopesh of Greater Lawful Outsider Bane ML-10
+1 Ghost Touched Scimitar of Greater Human Bane ML-8
+3 Keen Longsword of Greater Magical Beast Bane ML-10 RR-Dwarf DC-20
+3 Flaming Kama of Greater Undead Bane ML-12
+2 Weakening Longsword of Greater Dragon Bane ML-14


+4 Keen Scimitar of Maiming ML-10
+1 Strength Sapping Greatsword of Pure Good ML-10 DC-20
+5 Ghost Touched Greatsword ML-10
+5 Frost Warhammer of Shatter +4 ML-12 RR-1/2 DC-22
+5 Scimitar of Pure Good ML-8 RR-WF DC-20
+5 Longsword of Righteousness ML-10
+4 Thundering Battleaxe of Pure Good ML-10 DC-20
+5 Acid Longsword of Tendon Slice 2% ML-12
+3 Wounding Bastard Sword of Shatter +2 ML-12
+5 Silver Khopesh ML-10
+2 Holy Burst Khopesh of Righteousness ML-12
+1 Shocking Burst Khopesh of Enfeeblng ML-8
+5 Frost Greatsword ML-8 RR-WF DC-18 SORRY ITEM TRADED
+1 Holy Burst Bastard Sword of Pure Good ML-10 DC-20
+3 Flametouched Iron Returning Throwing Axe ML-6
+2 Wounding Khopesh of Pure Good ML-10 DC-20
+1 Ghost Touched Maul of Destruction ML-8 RR-Dwarf DC-18
+5 Ghost Touched Kama of Righteousness ML-12
+4 Cursespewing Cold Iron Scimitar of Shatter +2 ML-12 RR-Dwarf DC-22


Health +4 Ring of Ac id Resistance 3/rest ML-13 SORRY ITEM TRADED
Gloves of Disabling +11
Charisma Cloak +4 of Resistance +2 ML-11 DC-20
Ogre Power +4 Gloves of Jump 3/rest ML-11
Wise Helm +5 of Intimidation +3 ML-13
Charisma Cloak +5 ML-11
Ogre Power Belt +3 of Spell Resistance 13 ML-9 RR-Human DC-16
Cape of the Roc (feather falling and +6 to strength 3/rest)
Belt of Greater False Life ML-9 RR-Dwarf DC-16
+4 Blueshine Mithril Breastplate of Lesser Cold Resistance ML-10
Feather falling Boots of Balance +5 ML-9
Health Belt+2 of Moderate Fortification ML-11
Wise +5 Necklace of Performing +3 ML-13
Health +5 Necklace of Shield 3/rest ML-13
Health +5 Belt of Balance +3 ML-13
Ogre Power Braciers +4
Chaos Band (+3 Intel Power III and -2 Will Saves)
Clever Goggles +5 of Minute Seeing +3 ML-13

-----------------------THAT WHICH I DESIRE---------------------------

Striders 30% (Boots or Ring)
+5 Mithril Full Plate of Stability
Crippling Greater Banes, Disrupters, Banishers and Smiters (Slashers)
+6 Items (Other than Wisdom)
White Scales
+5 Blueshine (Prefferably Mithril) Full Plate
+5 Fearsome Full Plate (With Extra Affect a Bonus)
Royal Mask
Ring of Ancesters
Nightshield Clickie
Plat in Incriments of 200k for Ubers

PM me here or contact me in game to arrange a trade.

Siluss (14th LvL Fighter)
Gallus (4th LvL Wizard)
Arllis (7th LvL Cleric)
Jackster (6th LvL Ranger)
Szaine (10th LvL Pally 3rd LvL Fighter)

****Proud Officer of the Militia****

08-06-2007, 12:30 AM
I had mistakenly listed a Khopesh wrong.

Its a +1 Holy Khopesh of Greater Lawful Outsider Bane


an Evil outsider bane.

Sorry for the error.