View Full Version : WTT RHXbows

08-03-2007, 04:10 PM
+1 Thundering RHxbow of Smiting

+2 Acid RHxbow of Righteousness RR human D14

+2 Darkwood Shocking Burst RHxbow of Pure Good

+1 Curespewing Densewood RHxbow

+1 Icyburst RHxbow of Puncturing

+2 Icyburst RHxbow

+2 Keen RHxbow of Puncturing

+1 RHxbow of Destruction

+1 Holy RHxbow

+1 Acid RHxbow of Puncturing RR human D14

+1 Ghost Touch RHxbow of Righteousness

+1 Holy RHxbow of Puncturing

+1 Frost RHxbow of Lesser Animal Bane

I am looking for nice warforged wizard items or good items for my drow fighter ... He uses 1hs or 2hs ...