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08-03-2007, 02:40 PM
+5 Thundering Dwarven Axe of Righteousness
+1 Cursepewing Dwarven Axe of Greater Gnoll Bane
+3 Holy Burst Dwarven Axe
+5 Thundering Bastard Sword of Pure Good
+5 Acid Hand Axe of Pure Good Elf/Drow UMD20
+1 Strength Sapping Khopesh of Enfeebling
+5 Frost Bastard Sword of Pure Good
+5 Ghost Touch Bastard Sword of Slowburst
+3 Shocking Burst Falchion of Vermin Bane
+1 Seeker +2 Bastard Sword of Disruption
+1 Vorpal Kama
+1 Kama of Disruption
+1 Paralyzing Sickle of Righteousness
+1 Paralyzing Longsword
+2 Greatsword of Disruption
+1 Battleaxe of Smiting (1 tick)

+5 Cursespewing Cold Iron Rapier of Tendonslice Human lvl14 UMD24
+5 Rapier of Greater Ooze Bane <---- LOL :)
+5 Acid Heavy Pick of Pure Good
+5 Ghost Touch Dagger of Pure good
+2 Frost Byeshk Shortsword of Greater Human Bane
+4 Thundering Shortsword of Pure Good
+3 Keen Dagger of Greater Magical Beast Bane
+1 Shock Dagger of Greater Dragon Bane
+2 Keen Adamantine Shortsword of Greater Aberration Bane
+1 Axiomatic Rapier of Greater Monstrous Humanoid Bane
+2 Holy Burst Dagger of Righteousness
+3 Shortsword of Greater Elf Bane
+1 Light pick of Disruption

+4 Shock Longbow of Greater Aberration Bane WF UMD22
+1 Shock Darkwood Longbow of Greater Giant Bane
+1 Paralyzing Heavy Crossbow of Righteousness
+1 Densewood Longbow of Smiting
+1 True Chaos Crossbow of Disruption
Bow of the Elements (+4 Shocking Burst Longbow)
+3 Anarchic Burst Darkwood Light Repeating Light Crossbow of Pure Good

+1 Banishing Light Hammer
+2 Crippling Morningstar of Greater Aberration Bane
+2 Impact Light Mace of Greater Vermin Bane

Wisdom +6 Helm of Concentration +3 Dwarf
Int +6 Hat
Con +6 Belt
Con +5 Belt of Light Fort WF UMD18
Perform +15 Gloves Halfling UMD20
Protection +5 Cloak
Resistance +4 Cloak Human
Armor Bracers +6
Evocation/Transmutation Bracers
Illusion/Transmutation Bracers
Golden Greaves (X2)

Strength +6 Ring (x2)
Wisdom +5 Ring WF lvl9 UMD16
Wisdom +5 Necklace Dwarf lvl9 UMD16
Wisdom +1 Protection +4 Necklace Elf/Drow lvl11 UMD18
Proof Against Poison Protection +4 Necklace Elf/Drow UMD20
25% Striding Swim +3 Ring WF lvl11 UMD18
25% Striding Balance +5 Ring Halfling lvl13 UMD20
Cha +1 Ring of Greater Acid Resistance
Cha +1 Ring of Greater Fire Resistance

+5 Mithral Breastplate
+5 Mithral Chainshirt

Looking for Rapiers,Shortswords,and Great Axes
Wizardry 6 Helm
+5 Mith FP
DD,Search, and Open lock +15 items
Vorpal Finesse
Black Scales
Trading Cloudkill and Wall of Fire scrolls for DD scrolls
Lots of Plat like always :p

08-04-2007, 03:20 AM
added wis 6 helm

08-04-2007, 12:55 PM
What you want for:

25% Striding Swim +3 Ring WF lvl11 UMD18