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08-03-2007, 11:38 AM
1st off all items where stolen after tearing them from the cold dead grip of their owners. So watch out. OR stolen from some now poor dead Mob chest

+1 Banishing shortbow of power I
+1 Banishing Shortbow
+1 Banishing compostire shortbow of backstabbing. RR human UMD 20
+1 banishing LT crossbow
+2 Heavy crossbow of Smiting
Gloves of forgotten craft (DD=13, WF=thrown, Dex +3)
+1 Vorpal battleaxe of shatter (RR dwarf. Min lvl 10 UMD 20, Shatter +2)
+2 Paralyzing greatsword (RR WF Min lvl 10 UMD 20)
+2 ghost touch light pick of Greater Giant Bane
Blue dragon scales

Specific Trades
+1 seeker greatsword of Greater Dragon Bane for OHS of same bane type
+1 Ghost touch Shortbow of Disruption for Longbow of same type RR elf ok

Just offer reasonable trade and i think about it

Looking for +5 mith BP, or Bow from black dragon chest, Black dragon scales , but will look at other trades


08-03-2007, 12:38 PM
I have a Ghost Touch Longbow of Disruption, Lvl 10, Halfling Only, UMD 20.

I have to UMD it and its a bit of a pain as my standing UMD score is about 12.

If you have a higher UMD character I would gladly trade you for the shortbow.