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08-02-2007, 06:03 PM
er Suggestion....doh!

First of all, I'm bored and wanted to write something, so don't beat me up.

Second, I peruse these forums alot and it seems that are about 10-15 of us "original" Ghallandans that post here frequently. There seems to be some nice activity from our new friends moving over from other servers as well.

After tiring of looking through the Auction House at all the +1 Anarchic Short Swords of Tendon Slice, and starting to see some stuff here of similar value, I thought, based on my extensive research and numerous trades (some successful, others not), I thought I'd post a GUIDE to what seems to be of MOST interest to MOST of the folks who post here. I cannot speak for those who lurk and get involved in trades.

Based on my prevelent research on these forums, I'd say MOST folks would be MOST interested in:

Stat/Skill Items:
o any +6 stat items
o any +5 stat items that are lvl 11 and lower (for twink gear)
o any +4/5/6 stat items on non common items (ie, rings specifically)
o any Skill Attribute item that is +13 or better (ie, open lock, disable, perform, concentration, etc)


o any greater bane weaopns
o any +4/5 bursting weapons (with pure good on the +4's)
o bursting greater banes are VERY attractive
o Disruptors - any
o Vorpals - any though finessible (sickle, handaxe, kukri, throwing axe) are VERY valuable
o Paralyzers - meh, everyone has one, though can often be used to "sweeten" a deal
o Extended crit range simters (19-20 natural crit range)*
o Extended crit range banishers (19-20 natural crit range)*

* Note that Greataxes, despite their "20" Crit Range carry value, as most users have improved crit slash and Greataxes rock.

Other/Misc Items:

o Scales
o Greater False Life Items
o Heavy Fort items
o Greater Resist Items (Rings are very nice)
o Some of the uber named items (Kardin's Eye, Rez Rings, Girds, etc)
o Wild Armor (+4/5 Mithral with Fearsome or some such on it)
o Wiz 5+ Items
o Superior Devotion 7+
o Superior Potency 7+
o Greater/Superior Spell Pen 7+
o Tomes are covered very well in the Ghallanda server Tome exchange thread

Twink/Low Level Gear:

o Any Race Restricted (RR) Items that enable skills/stats/uber weapons to be used at premature levels. Note that your +1 Flaming Falchion of Tendon Slice, RR Warforged, Min level 6 would probably not qualify but your +1 Flaming Rapier of Pure Good, RR Drow, lvl 2 would be worth posting.

Anyway, just thought I'd throw this out there. Please offer additions to the list if I missed anything.

08-02-2007, 06:17 PM
I look at some of the less desirable items sometimes also, sometimes you'll find something nice for a lowbie, especially since a lot of people don't sell lowbie stuff at the vendors anymore.

What ****es me off is when you tell somebody you want there +3 Mithral Chain Shirt or something and they ask you for some ungodly unbalanced trade.

"Hey, what would you like for that +3 Mithral Chain Shirt? take a look at my trade list and let me know, or perhaps I could offer some plat for it."

"Well, all your loot is teh junxzorz, lawl. But I suppose I could let you have it for your Vorpal, Smiter AND Paralyzer, kekekekekeke"

"but its only a level 4 shirt, I'll probably use it for like a week until I level and can use my +4 Mithral Chain."

"Dats my offer nubzroz, LOLOLOL."

"I pitty your children."

Thats why I stopped posting trade lists and will only post specific high end items now. No matter what you post, people are always going to low ball the **** out of you, and no matter what you want people are going to try to squeeze the life out of you.

Like my Rapier of Smiting. I'm not going to trade it for junk, no matter how much junk you offer its still junk. The quantity doesn't inprove the quality.

I'm flexible on my trades, but come on people.

Just use some sense with what you ask and offer and you'll probably end up with what you want:)

08-02-2007, 06:29 PM
Warchimp, I think alot of people feel your pain but may not have been able to describe quite as succinctly as you just did. /showhelmet off

A friend of mine, Inxalicious, tends to post a whole ramload of nice loot for a single item he needs. He's been fairly successful with that.

All in all, it seems that the folks who play alot and trade alot have just about everything they need, so its now just a matter of small refinements to your toon.

There was a time (prior to the last loot weekend) where folks were DYING to get a vorpal or a smiter or a disruptor and would trade like mad to get one. Now we've all gotten them so its not a big deal anymore.

With more and more red-named mobs coming (which are immune to such effects) having a nice selection of greater bane weapons and high DPS bursters is going to be very important. I mean, a +2 flaming burst XXX of Pure Good just isn't that great anymore. If its +4 or +5 now you have something.

That's the kinda stuff we want to see posted on these forums.

08-02-2007, 06:54 PM
Here's my take on it

Big Five: For some reason theres still people out there willing to give their left nut for a vorpal, I know where your comin from man...but no I won't give you one even if you offer me 10 banishing light maces, and a smiting club.
Natural 19-20 crit range or better smiters/banishers are still decent.
Paras are good, mostly if they are twink level 8 RR, or min lvl 14 +4 Falchion Halfy RR loot weekend type stuff.

+6 Stat items, except for some reason +6 INT goggles are like cheap sunglasses. +6 CON or STR ring of lesser false life now you got something there.

Anything that is simply put the best available by the current loot table ie +15 to a valuable skill, +5 Burst of PG, +4 or +5 Greater Bane or Bursting greater bane (no animal, ooze, etc. I once saw a posting for a +5 Greataxe of Greater Animal bane, cmon man, thats just cruel) Super Dev/Pot 7, Wiz 7, you get the idea.

Twink items like a lvl 2 Holy Greataxe WF RR...nice (btw thanks kat). Twink items that make sense, like a paralyzing dwarven RR dwarf min lvl 8, vs a paralyzing dwarven rr drow.

Then again you never know what other people want, but if you are looking for a smiter, and at the same time offering a smiting mace, ask yourself why you aren't using the mace, and why the hell anyone else would want it.

The best trade offer I ever got this dude was like, I like your banishing rapier, here is a list of things, you can have any 3 of these, or any two of these, or one of these. Thats the easiest way to get what you want IMO.

08-02-2007, 07:01 PM
Thanks Twerpp for responding to my post, particularly since you and I haven't gotten a trade together yet. I totally agree with you. We should add nice twink gear to the list and also the wiz/potency caster and cleric items.

I will edit soon.

Let's keep the comments coming.

Best twink item I have (though borrowed): +1 Flaming Burst Greatsword of Pure Good, RR Dwarf, LVL 4!