View Full Version : WF Sorcerer Help?!?

08-02-2007, 02:37 PM
Ok, I know this has probably been discussed a millions times, but with the NERF to the Class Forums, I wanted to get updated information.

I rolled up to test a Warforged Sorc... I want to stay pure Sorc, and I want to know if my Stats are right, and what spells to focus on, since I'm going to have to focus on non-save based spells. I want to pickup Repair Light Damage @ Level 1, cuz it's self healing, and I don't want to completely twink out this guy.

STR: 8
DEX: 8
CON: 18
INT: 14
WIS: 6
CHA: 16

1) Repair Light Damage
1) Niac's Cold Ray
2) Burning Hands

1) Maximize Spell

Jump (MAX)
Concentration (MAX)
Tumble (to positive)

I know it's a little extreme on the STR/DEX/WIS side, but CHA and CON are all that really matter in the long run... and a little INT for INT Runes and Skill Points.

But, the questions are:

1) Are the Stats ok, or should I really change them
2) Given the new Metamagic System coming, and the focus on non-save based spells, what feats should I take, since I do not plan on Spell Focus/Spell Pen
3) What spells should I take in what order.

My thought on my spells (at each spell level, in order of obtaining them):
L1) 1-Niacs (Change to Jump later)
L1) 1-Repair Light Damage
L2) 1-Burning Hands (Change to Magic Missile)
L3) 1-Shield/Nightshield
L4) 2-Web
L5) 2-Hypnotic Pattern
L6) 3-Fireball
L7) 2-Resist Energy
L7) 3-Haste
L8) 4-Wall of Fire
L9) 2-Scorching Ray
L9) 3-Displacement
L9) 4-Force Missiles
L10) 5-Hold Monster
L11) 3-???
L11) 4-Solid Fog
L11) 5-Cloudkill
L12) 6-Reconstruct
L13) 4-Dimension Door
L13) 5-Cone of Cold
L13) 6-Greater Heroism
L14) 7-Finger of Death

Final Spell list:
Level 1 (4)
Repair Light Damage
Niacs --> Jump
Burning Hands --> Magic Missile

Level 2 (4)
Web --> Blur
Hypnotic Pattern --> Knock?
Resist Energy
Scorching Ray

Level 3 (4)

Level 4 (4)
Wall of Fire
Solid Fog
Force Missiles
Dimension Door

Level 5 (3)
Hold Monster
Cone of Cold

Level 6 (2)
Greater Heroism

Level 7 (1)