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08-02-2007, 02:01 PM
OK see all these casual gamer comments vs power gamers. This has no bearing if the system is a good one or not. I been calling for a token system for the raid loot that makes sure everyone will get some piece loot in 6 (18days min.) raids for a long time. This benefits casual gamers more then power gamers,because does not matter if do the raid with 2 or 12 still get the same amount of tokens 1.

Although this system does nothing of the sort all it does no one sees the loot rolls. Second they trying to force guilds into bringing more to raids. Want guilds to bring more casual players make a system that rewards them for doing so not penalizes them if they do not.

Third for all them calling for less loot. What 3days to get raid loot that really is not all that much better then freaking doing pop runs is not enough? At that it is just a chance for what u want. I have run the dragon 5+ times seen the strength belt once, wisdom helmet once, and freedom of movement boots once. That is 150 days just to get one chance at the loot at very least. I do not run the dragon ever three days maybe some do. This is not what i would call ever loot system. The real problem has been the loot runs in pop and other quest similar giving assume loot away. What the best armor? See i could get the dragon armor which major time sink or just get MP+5. What weapon drops in a raid that can not just pick up somewhere else. So again tell why they have to nerf raid loot. The only thing must guilds or after or tomes.

Last for the casual player that thinks going help them get raid loot, you or just insane. This hurts you more then ever. There is no way with that loot system i would invite anyone that did not go along with or loot rules. I am not having a fighter/wizard/or cleric bargaining on piece loot that binds with my or guild members. If the loot best for a wizard they will roll on it and so on.

Question for all those in favor of this new raid loot system. What is the positive of the new raid system? Please explain to me what you will get out this.

08-02-2007, 03:33 PM
It is difficult to read your post.. some of your points are unclear, although the basic question is fairly easy to see.

Why might someone like this system?

#1. The power now resides in the hands of individual group members instead of with the group leader. Some people may like this if they do not trust or like the system the group leader is using to distribute loot. No one else can decise whether they are worthy, deserving or appropriate for the item in question.

#2. If you don't get a raid item you still get a random treasure.

#3. It reduces the statistical loot advantage of those who are able to run raids with a smaller number of people. Jealousy has always been a motiviating factor in MMO board discussions.

#4. Some folks simply don't like the high level magic and any measure that reduces over all item availability makes them happier.

#5. Some people like the idea that they can hit the jackpot and score lots of items, as where before the number of items per raid is fixed. Averages are not what this person cares about, its potential. (this is why some people play slot machines despite the odds being agaisnt them)