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08-02-2007, 12:29 PM
Our original thread has been lost, which is sad. It was in itself a history of how much the MAC has grown and an account of all who have come and gone. We in the MAC, usually are not about DOOM!!!!111!!! we look to move on.... So in that spirit, this paragraph concludes my /whine about the loss of our thread. :D

Many people ask me about the MAC and express interest in our guild. So to answer a few questions and provide info about our guild I post today. I do not include a server in the title of this post because we have grown to more than one. We mostly play on Khyber and we also have a strong Perma Death/Role play guild- MAC RPPD on Sarlona. Plans are in the works for a MAC mechanized Division (all warforged group) on a server to be named... interest in our guild or these groups please see our guild forums(addy in sig). We are a group of mostly older players with families and jobs that miss the days of staying up all night playing PnP with friends. (Now we stay up all night running PoP well untill the wife yells!)

Here is FAQ from our own forums I quote to give any interested players a peak at what it means to be MAC. After reading through this and looking at our forums please send a tell to someone in game, Khyber server would be your best bet.. If you interested only in the PD aspect please post on our forums to set up set group nights etc.

While reading another thread about growing concerns about recruitment I came to a conclusion/thought/epiphany (yes I know big words) that some people come to these forums to look at and possibly join our band of merry adventurers.......and might want something more then our standard response about who and what we are. Anyway I created this guide for prospective members in mind, but may have use for all of us in MAC. Note: I used a FAQ kinda format to make my point.....all though I haven't had a lot of these questions....but it is still fun.

What is MAC?
MAC is the Mature adventurers club. We are a group of mature like minded players who enjoy questing with other mature players. We are disciples of Stoney(our fearless leader).

Do you need to be 40 to be in our group?
Hell NO! but you better not act 12 or spoiled or be a "Richard Cranium" Folks under 20 do need to talk to Featherstone himself

What is the MAC style of play?
Generally speaking we advocate a slow approach and try to maximize planning and group work...team win sorta stuff.....of course at times we will burn through Water Works or PoP.....if it is your first time with a quest you should let folks know it so they can adjust their playstyle to make sure they do not ruin your expereince. Mostly I think we stand for TEAM and completing the mission for the TEAM.

What is this concept of TEAM?
Basically you as a member of a group give of yourself all your abilities and resources so the team can win the day. For example I will use a classic DDO situation:

Typical PUG
Arcane: "I dont want to heal war forged...i am a pure DPS machine meant to do nothing but kill, I can not be bothered with loading a repair spell."

Group: " We need some help keeping our WF tank alive so we can defeat this Big Bad Meanie!"

Arcane: "Im out find another tool to heal your WF" drop group

This is an example of what we do in MAC:

Arcane: Oh we need repair for our WF...np let me load that one minute while i run back to pub.

group: Thanks bro appreciate.

30 mins later-----

Group: "Cheers we win!!!"

I see people running around all looking for loot...does MAC have "loot *****s"?
Yes Hajo :lol:

On a serious note we all like nice gear....typically we all share gear with those who would best be able to use it. This varies from person to person but the norm i would say is goes something like:

Ghaldar: I just pulled a +23 Tome of Utter ownaged I wont use it....anyone want before I sell?

Keramos: "Yes!"

Ghaldar: "here you go"

Keramos: "Thanx!"

Ghaldar: "no Prob"

Then if noone wants it we sell/auction etc. Usually when i pass gear down I just hope it is used and then passed on to someone else who might need it later.....I think most feel that way

If I die who do I blame?
BabbyDaddy for taking you into invaders
If it was a trap blame Torrentt or Bangum for springing the trap.
If the party wiped as soon as you entered the Dungeon blame Ghaldar for setting the difficulty on Elite.
Party wipe at the Titan will be Surrin's fault.
Beyond the grave runs go poorly....then Belthor forgot to use heal scrolls to keep you alive....
Your party wiped at the end fight in Prison of the Planes........Yup Kinkaid's fault for casting Solid Fog.

Other things that can happen and who to blame:
Your shield melted from bashing rust monsters......your own damn fault for pulling an Astargras!
Are you Lost? If yes you should not have followed Bangum.
Did your car get towed while playing DDO? If yes you can party with Meadbelly
Chains of Flame take 5 hours? If so you must have been in a group with Silvermayne.(or the end boss fell into the Lava AGAIN)

Am I allowed to have fun and make jokes?
Yes as long as the joke is cliche and "SO last year" so we can keep up. Remember we Mature folks often do not keep up with the latest lingo.... ;)

Mac Offers Role playing groups. Perma death groups perma death RP etc....Just use forums to set up/find a group to get in. These groups come and go so if you interested post.

We do raids and high level content, we also are rerolling alot so will run through Kobold's Brothers as well with Alts (Ghaldar still needs muckbane so if anyone comes across another.....) :D

MAC is not a set bunch of rules, but rather a code of mature personal behavior (You know kinda Jedi like....errr more Ewok Jedi...than Yoda Jedi if you get what I am sayin). Respect those as you would like to be respected. Be respectful of people doing new to quests. TEAM before ME. Help others with gear and quest completion(the great thing about this is it usually comes back to you 10 fold).

In order to try to put the spirit and feeling into some sort of post I have tried to use some examples hope it worked. This of course is my vision and feelings about MAC. This by no means is complete I was hoping this would become something others would add too.

I love MAC I have loved it every minute I have been in this guild. Even in party wipe it has been fun. Well every minute accept when I did not have my jump skill high enough ;) (inside joke)

08-02-2007, 02:09 PM
As a member of MAC, I welcome anyone who joins us. What is mine is yours...within reason...lol.

MAC members are in my experiance the finest group you could want to be part of. Friendly, Caring, Respectful, Helpful [notes the hour Brenton spent teaching me to jump],an MATURE.

You will love it, so join today!

+This add brought to you by YARK+

08-02-2007, 02:22 PM
I too endorse Mature Adventurers Club. The style of play and the toons you meet will only enrich your gaming here at Khyber. Teamwork is a must here. But the rewards are even better.

08-02-2007, 02:26 PM
Mature? I think you're asking in the wrong place .. :D

08-13-2007, 03:08 PM
MAC is where its at:)

09-20-2007, 01:17 PM
.......girls Rock the boys! /turn off oldies station Come give us a look. The MAC is still looking for lost souls, who remember the ole' days and long for 27 hour gaming fueled by Mt Dew and twizzlers, but now have to manage wagro and kids and a job....

We still around and kicking, give us a look.

01-23-2008, 12:22 PM
WoW!! what a year MAC turned 1 and moved past and has grown. Mod 6 is near and we all want gear! Come give us a look. Level one to twentyone(maybe next year with epics) are welcome. Need a home on Khyber? Give MAC a look.

03-06-2008, 07:34 AM
I want in. I remember when rangers got 2D8 at first level.

06-29-2008, 10:47 PM
shameless bump

07-18-2009, 11:18 PM
We invite all new players to check us out. We are new player friendly :)

07-28-2009, 11:22 PM
Whatever happened to ole Dane McCardel? Did he quit over the Sucibi header?