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08-02-2007, 11:22 AM

The old Troll sat beneath the bridge
And waited out the hours
He dreamed of pretty princesses
And white and lofty towers
He longed to eat the sweetest treat
And one he’d never tasted
A maiden fair beyond compare
Spiced and nicely basted

A maiden dear was walking near
Out in the nighttime chilling
This lovely lass, she held no fear
Of trolls and all their killing
A fairer maid he’d never seen
Far too fair for grilling
instead he thought to ask a dance
To see if she were willing

A yimmering, a yammering
A beating and a clamoring
So hard his heart was hammering
He feared for his own life
A yimmering, a yammering
While stammering and glamoring
He found her so enamoring
He never saw the knife
The knife? The knife. The knife!
He never saw the knife!

For her bodice so revealing
It sent his head a reeling
her hem so high, unto her thigh
It caused an eerie feeling
One that Troll was most unsure of
He’d never known before
He should be done with his first course
And heading back for more

For Troll had never been in love
What was Troll thinking of
He’d never eat this dainty girl
As pretty as a dove
So they danced the night away
And soon the break of day
Was coming fast when then our lass
Decided not to stay


She’d had enough of making bluff
The Troll would soon grow wary
Or even worse, and such a curse
He’d ask for her to marry
And so her knife was brought to bear
She snuck up form behind
But Trolls are thick and knives don’t stick
As she was soon to find

The **** did crow, the sun did glow
A curse upon his kind
He held her tight in meaty arms
For stone was sure to bind
And to her shock he turned to rock
As daybreak fell anew
She screamed and fought to free herself
Which she was not to do


A statue stands in yonder wood
Though not a statue really
The summer sun shines over it
The winter wind blows chilling
Beneath its shadow lying there
A knife and bits of bone
Thus Troll and lady pass the years
Together yet alone

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Xoriat is coming...

08-02-2007, 11:33 AM
Xoriat is coming...

and I can't wait ^^ /salute

08-02-2007, 11:35 AM
*breaks off a table leg and lights it on fire*
That is my new favorite song!