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08-02-2007, 09:54 AM
Let me know what you think about this build please.

I am trying to mix fighter, paladin and rogue. Half will be rogue and the rest will be a mix between fighter and paladin. Fighter for str bonuses, feats, and such. Paladin for additional fort, reflex, and will saves. Also for lay on hands. I do not know how effective lay on hands will be with my chr though.

Character Plan by DDO Character Planner Version 2.60
DDO Character Planner Home Page (http://www.rjcyberware.com/DDO)

Level 9 Lawful Good Dwarf Male
(2 Fighter \ 2 Paladin \ 5 Rogue)
Hit Points: 117
Spell Points: 0
BAB: 7\7\12
Fortitude: 12
Reflex: 9
Will: 4

Starting Ending Feat/Enhancement
Base Stats Base Stats Modified Stats
Abilities (Level 1) (Level 9) (Level 9)
Strength 16 18 19
Dexterity 14 14 16
Constitution 14 14 16
Intelligence 12 12 12
Wisdom 12 12 12
Charisma 6 6 6

Starting Feat/Enhancement
Base Skills Modified Skills
Skills (Level 1) (Level 9)
Balance 6 15
Bluff -2 -2
Concentration 2 3
Diplomacy -2 -2
Disable Device 5 14
Haggle -2 -2
Heal 3 9
Hide 2 3
Intimidate 2 4
Jump 7 10
Listen 1 1
Move Silently 2 3
Open Lock 6 15
Perform n/a n/a
Repair 1 1
Search 5 16
Spot 5 14
Swim 3 4
Tumble 4 5
Use Magic Device 0 0

Level 1 (Rogue)
Skill: Balance (+4)
Skill: Disable Device (+4)
Skill: Heal (+2)
Skill: Intimidate (+4)
Skill: Jump (+4)
Skill: Open Lock (+4)
Skill: Search (+4)
Skill: Spot (+4)
Skill: Tumble (+2)
Skill: Use Magic Device (+2)
Feat: (Selected) Two Handed Fighting
Feat: (Automatic) Attack
Feat: (Automatic) Dwarven Stability
Feat: (Automatic) Dwarven Stonecutting
Feat: (Automatic) Giant Evasion
Feat: (Automatic) Heroic Durability
Feat: (Automatic) Light Armor Proficiency
Feat: (Automatic) Martial Weapon Proficiency: Rapier
Feat: (Automatic) Martial Weapon Proficiency: Shortsword
Feat: (Automatic) Martial Weapon Proficiency: Shortbow
Feat: (Automatic) Orc and Goblin Bonus
Feat: (Automatic) Poison Save Bonus
Feat: (Automatic) Simple Weapon Proficiency (ALL)
Feat: (Automatic) Sneak
Feat: (Automatic) Sneak Attack
Feat: (Automatic) Spell Save Bonus (Dwarf)
Feat: (Automatic) Trapfinding
Feat: (Automatic) Trip
Enhancement: Rogue Damage Boost I
Enhancement: Rogue Skill Boost I
Enhancement: Dwarven Armor Mastery I

Level 2 (Fighter)
Skill: Balance (+0.5)
Skill: Intimidate (+1)
Skill: Jump (+1)
Feat: (Fighter Bonus) Weapon Focus: Slashing Weapons
Feat: (Automatic) Defensive Fighting
Feat: (Automatic) Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Dwarven Waraxe
Feat: (Automatic) Heavy Armor Proficiency
Feat: (Automatic) Martial Weapon Proficiency (ALL)
Feat: (Automatic) Medium Armor Proficiency
Feat: (Automatic) Shield Proficiency (General)
Feat: (Automatic) Sunder
Feat: (Automatic) Tower Shield Proficiency
Enhancement: Dwarven Axe Damage I
Enhancement: Dwarven Tactics I

Level 3 (Rogue)
Skill: Balance (+1)
Skill: Disable Device (+2)
Skill: Intimidate (+1)
Skill: Jump (+1)
Skill: Open Lock (+2)
Skill: Spot (+2)
Feat: (Selected) Power Attack
Feat: (Automatic) Evasion (Rogue)
Enhancement: Dwarven Constitution I
Enhancement: Fighter Critical Accuracy I
Enhancement: Fighter Item Defense I

Level 4 (Fighter)
Ability Raise: STR
Skill: Balance (+0.5)
Skill: Search (+1)
Feat: (Fighter Bonus) Cleave
Enhancement: Dwarven Giant Dodger I
Enhancement: Fighter Strength I

Level 5 (Rogue)
Skill: Disable Device (+2)
Skill: Open Lock (+2)
Skill: Search (+3)
Skill: Spot (+2)
Feat: (Automatic) Trap Sense
Enhancement: Rogue Disable Device I
Enhancement: Rogue Search I
Enhancement: Rogue Dexterity I
Enhancement: Rogue Improved Trap Sense I

Level 6 (Paladin)
Skill: Heal (+3)
Feat: (Selected) Power Critical: Slashing Weapons
Feat: (Automatic) Aura of Good
Feat: (Automatic) Smite Evil
Enhancement: Rogue Dexterity II

Level 7 (Rogue)
Skill: Balance (+1)
Skill: Disable Device (+2)
Skill: Open Lock (+2)
Skill: Search (+2)
Skill: Spot (+2)
Feat: (Automatic) Uncanny Dodge
Enhancement: Rogue Sneak Attack Accuracy I
Enhancement: Rogue Sneak Attack Training I
Enhancement: Rogue Spot I

Level 8 (Paladin)
Ability Raise: STR
Skill: Heal (+3)
Feat: (Automatic) Divine Grace
Feat: (Automatic) Lay on Hands
Enhancement: Dwarven Axe Attack I
Enhancement: Fighter Armor Mastery I

Level 9 (Rogue)
Skill: Balance (+1)
Skill: Disable Device (+2)
Skill: Open Lock (+2)
Skill: Search (+2)
Skill: Spot (+2)
Feat: (Selected) Improved Two Handed Fighting
Enhancement: Dwarven Constitution II

08-02-2007, 10:52 AM
Unless you have a 12 or higher charisma, Lay on hands will not work. Same with smite. Also, why go Paladin if you plan on having such a low charisma? The bonus to saves for Paladin only applies to Divine Grace, which requires a positive charisma modifier. You gain no benefit for a low charisma, granted, you also incur no negatives.

08-03-2007, 03:44 PM
Ya, why 2 levels of paladin? 1 level lets you use wands, without UMD check, and 3 level gets you fear and disease immunity. 2 levels just gives you a very weak LoH. If it's the wand usage your after 1 level of ranger would be better, more skill points and more inline with rogue skills.

08-10-2007, 08:34 PM
doesnt 2 levels of paladin give him a much better will save or something?

08-10-2007, 08:35 PM
oh wait nevermind he has a 6 cha